Biden – Planned Parenthood Cannot Perform Abortions: 48% of College Kids Believe It!

The day after the vice presidential debate Joe Biden stopped by a rally and told the crowd Republicans will defend Planned Parenthood, and  “by law, Planned Parenthood cannot perform any abortion.” Karen at The Lonely Conservative has the story and says only 48% of college students know that Planned Parenthood performs abortions of any kind, let alone one abortion every 95 seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in 2009.

April 2012: Breaking down a new report of the services provided by Planned Parenthood, LifeNews says for every adoption referral Planned Parenthood makes, it performs 391 abortions. For every 1 woman seeking prenatal care, Planned Parenthood terminates the lives of almost 11 children. Of the Planned Parenthood budget for 2010, 46% of the total budget of $1.04 BILLION annually, comes from taxpayers. Sit down for this one: they have an excess of revenue over and above expenses (NET PROFIT) of $18.5 MILLION DOLLARS.


Please visit The Lonely Conservative for details and if you have children of college age, explain that abortion is legal in America, but it is not legal to pay for those abortions with taxpayer funding. Planned Parenthood’s own records show that they perform one abortion every 95 seconds, 365 days a year. PLANNED PARENTHOOD does perform abortions. Vice President Biden’s statement was untrue, and he knows it.

In embedded image [see above] self-described ‘radical feminist’ Gloria Steinem proudly dons the t-shirt proclaiming “I Had An Abortion”.  Although it is the title of a 2005 documentary featuring Steinem, the t-shirt was sold, proudly, by Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) in a massive campaign to publicly proclaim the liberating act of abortion.3 Herein lies the hypocrisy of PPFA, who claims the issue of abortion is a private matter (and pours millions of dollars into fighting any legislative infringement of the ‘right to kill a child’), unless of course, publicity of it generates revenue. Source:

Joe Biden: Planned Parenthood, “by law, does not perform any abortions” (video)

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