Beautiful Friend Can’t Take a Walk Without Being Harassed by a Liberal

My friend Opus#6 at American Perspective was taking a stroll this weekend and stopped to take a photo of an Obama sign, with another handwritten sign attached to it. She stepped close to read it, and well, here’s what happened (she has video and a photo).  Lesson learned for you and me: keep a Smart Phone with you whenever you go out. Wasp spray or Bear Spray in the other pocket. Steer clear of a bank of trees. She rightly makes the point that we cannot let these unhinged Liberals intimidate us before election day, but we have to have a way to protect ourselves. Opie, so glad you are okay. He now has video of a beautiful blonde. I hope his wife finds it.

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  • Liberals are terrified that their god will be defeated and defeated soundly. They are showing their true side, the side that we saw some of last year with Occupy Wall Street. Liberals today are more like children than adults.

    Be safe out there ladies and gentlemen. After tomorrow night Liberals will be getting more and more desperate as we get closer to Election Day.

    And remember this: If these idiots are like this now, imagine what they will be like after Romney wins on November 6th.

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