Australia Gets Offer From China – The Kind You Can’t Refuse – The Tony Soprano Kind

Trevor Loudon at New Zeal Blog has taped a special message for Americans. I have just a snippet of the intro below, only about 2:50 minutes of the 29 minute whole, to give you the flavor of  Trevor, a New Zealander, so passionately (and always) expressing his gratitude for America and the sacrifices we made to keep his country of New Zealand free. Such an enormous point, that unfortunately, if you are under 65 years old, you haven’t a clue about. This is an urgent message, going far beyond World War II and into the coming election, just days away. I stopped after quoting Trevor saying Australia has received an offer from China – the kind of offer that Tony Soprano would offer. Please listen to this man who is a great patriot for freedom and liberty. Help us send this video viral. Attribution isn’t important.

Trevor Loudon

Begin snippet of video – An Urgent Message – courtesy of GulagBound:

I’m here on a four month tour of the United States promoting my book Barack Obama and the Enemies Within. My claim to fame is that I’m a researcher who has investigated the background of your President extensively, regarding his Marxist and Communist ties. I was the first to publicly highlight Obama’s connections to the Hawaii Communist, Frank Marshall Davis and exposed Obama’s Communist and expose Obama’s green job Czar, Van Jones, after which he had to leave the White House.

Now a lot of people ask me a very simple question: Why should I care about the internal politics of the United States and I say there are two basic reasons. The first is simple gratitude. My country [New Zealand] was only saved in World War II by sacrifice by your fathers and grandfathers and uncles in the Battles of Guadalcanal, The Coral Sea and Midway. Without that huge sacrifice, my country would have been subjugated to the Japanese Imperial Army.

Second reason is a little more selfish. Ronald Reagan had it right. This is the last best hope for mankind. If freedom fails in America, it fails in every corner of the globe. If you lose your military superiority, you lose your world leadership. The Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, the North Koreans, the Nicaraguans, the Venezuelans, the Cubans and all of their allies will carve up this globe among themselves.

Right now at the bottom of the South Pacific, a lot of people email me and they say, look, if Obama gets back in again, can we come and live in New Zealand? And I say, look, it’s a wonderful country, you’ll enjoy it, but really there is no where to run now. Just 1500 miles to the north of my country lie the beautiful Fijian Islands – great tourist destination, but they now have a Marxist government. The Chinese are training the Fijian military, building big hyro-electric dams on the islands. Figi is basically now a Chinese client state.

Just a few months ago the Australian Minister Defense was up in China and a top Chinese official embarrassed him publicly. He said now is the time for Australia to choose. Do you stay under American protection or do you come under Chinese protection? And that is the kind of offer, the kind of protection that Tony Soprano would offer you. AND this would not have happened under Reagan, Bush or even Clinton.

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Trevor Loudon, New Zeal Blog – An Urgent Message for America (video)

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  • God-willing, we will take our country back and be ready to support our allies again in a few weeks. Even if Romney has to wait until Jan 20, 2013 to move in, I imagine he can have talks with people and start making plans/alliances at any time.

  • “Such an enormous point, that unfortunately, if you are under 65 years old, you haven’t a clue about”

    We seldom disagree, and I love Trevor… but WRONG!!!

    I’m 50, you know

  • David

    Trevor is obviously not wrong at all. In fact he’s more right than his article states. Obama is one man. He came from nowhere and was placed in the highest position of authority but he’s still just one man. If Romney wins it will not be the end of the Obama regime. The Obama regime involves all levels of liberalism from the benign automatic Democrat vote all the way to the hard core Alinsky radical. It also includes by proxy the impotent moderate Republican and all of the RHINOS that go with that weak mindset. Plus what is also part of the Obama regime are the certain foreign and significant wealthy active participants; China and Soros are prominent examples. Then alas the Obama regime still will have the steadfast and die hard loyalist progressive media well in place to carry the propaganda even without dear leader in the highest office in the land. The Pentagon, State Department, DHS, EPA, Federal Reserve, Unions and even NASA all have their entrenched liberal influences to beat the base drums. So no, Trevor is far from wrong, unfortunately. Even with a Romney win it’s still a long haul for America to climb its way back to be in the black on the economic register. What’s very interesting is that many foreign citizens on the other side of the oceans understand the complexity and historical significance of all of this, more than many US citizens even. We cannot ever get America back to literally being the freest nation on earth if we refuse to accept the reality of how far down we have slid from this well applied Constitutional concept. Yes we hope and pray for Obama to be defeated but that’s just the tip of the regime. Unless we eliminate the subversive forces which put him in the highest office in the first place we will not be much better off anyway. Just as Obama is one man so was Reagan and so is Romney. This is an all hands effort. I will celebrate if Obama is defeated November 6th but I’m not delusional about the state of affairs American has been put in over the last 100 years.

  • EndthePain

    “Somehow,” Chu said, “we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

    And people like Chu and his philosophy is why there is such partisanship in D.C. No Republican could ever stand behind 2/3 rds of what the progressives believe and are peddling and and the other 1/3 rd is downright dangerous to America’s interests.

    And why would the Hugo Chavez MSM care if Fiji is socialist turning communist? Why would they care if Austrailia is being courted by the Communist Chinese?

    The fact is they do not care. They themselves graduated From Columbia…a bastion of communism in America. Its up to everyone of us to educate the younger generation on the evils and ills of Communism.

    Or we will surely perish.

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