Audaciously Gore-ish: Obama Lives in Rarified Air Yet Denver Affected Debate Performance?

Al Gore (still piggish after all these years) believes Obama was off his game due to the effects of Denver’s altitude – something like altitude brain freeze maybe? How many times has Obama been to Denver and had to take time to acclimate? If ever, then why not this time, of all times? Obama lives in rarified air every minute of his life. How embarrassing! Listen to the inane panel comments that chime in.

Al Gore

Al Gore on Obama’s Altitude Brain Freeze (video)

  • I can smell the desperation clean out here, it’s a lovey aroma.

  • When I heard this, Maggie, my jaw dropped. Now you can see the kind of mind that comes up with the myth of Global Man Made Warming.. Deplorable person.

  • those Democrats sure know how to pick their Vice Presidents, don’t they?