Amanda Clayton, Lottery Winner on Welfare Found Dead of Drug Overdose

Michigan woman Amanda Clayton, 25, the winner of a $1 Million lottery continued to collect her welfare checks because…well, she had to pay half of her winnings to taxes, and she owned two homes and needed her taxpayer welfare. She has been found dead of an overdose (still unconfirmed). See a video below.

Amanda Clayton

Clayton was found dead in a friend’s house Saturday in Ecorse, outside of Detroit, police announced, adding that an autopsy would determine if it was a drug overdose as suspected. The Associated Press quoted her attorney, Todd Flood, as saying that Clayton, the mother of two young children, had difficulties handling the notoriety that followed the revelations of her welfare case.

“I think the public scrutiny was something she didn’t have the proper tools to deal with,” he said.

Clayton opted to take her winnings in a lump sum, which amounted to $735,000. But after taxes, Clayton said, she got a little more than half that. Flood told AP she still had some of the money when she died but it was a “far cry from where she started.” Source: Los Angeles Times

Clayton received 6 months probation for her crime. This is what drugs can do to a person (if drugs are involved). The video of Clayton at the time the television station approached her, left the impression that she was probably on drugs. Very sad. God bless those children. Read initial stories about Ms. Clayton here and here.

Amanda Clayton, Lottery Winner and Food Stamp Recipient Dead at 25 (video)

  • Do you realize that if she had gone to prison she would be alive today?

    • Excellent point findalis.