Alma Gonzalez AFL-CIO Goes New Black Panther Party: Voter Intimidation Already Underway

Intimidation is already underway in Florida, courtesy of the AFL-CIO. Rather than the militarized uniforms and billyclubs used by the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia in 2008, the latest threat is a letter promising lawsuits. Two Florida voters [Update 7:26 pm CDT – see a comment in the comment section below from FL Voter, who is one person who DID receive the letter from Gonzalez or read it here and see the screen shot of the AFL-CIOs Vote Now Vote Often] say they have received a threatening letter from Alma R. Gonzalez (or Gonzales), Special Counsel to the AFL-CIO’s Director of Voter Protection. Gonzalez also serves as Treasurer of the Florida Democratic Party and is a voting member of the Democratic National Committee. She is promising legal action for any “frivolously” challenged voter registration records or action not sanctioned by the AFL-CIO.

Alma Gonzalez

The AFL-CIO and Florida Democratic Party operatives’ attempt to intimidate voters from executing their rights to uphold election integrity could not be more blatant.

This recent threat is not unique, however. The Maryland Branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently began efforts to interrupt the removal of dead and duplicate voters that were originally discovered by citizen researchers. On September, 9 progressive groups threatened counties cooperating with True The Vote to maintain voter rolls after studies found evidence of more registered voters than living and eligible in counties.

Breitbart’s Brandon Darby: 

Florida election code and federal law gives clear guidance for citizens to offer challenges to voter rolls keeping dead, duplicate, or ineligible ballots from being cast. Further, Florida code states, “[E]lectors or poll watchers shall not be subject to liability for any action taken in good faith and in furtherance of any activity or duty permitted of such electors or poll watchers by law.”

In other words, how poll workers work is already governed by Florida law. Unless a poll worker acts outside the bounds of “good faith,” they cannot be sued, but never let law get in the way of old-fashioned Union intimidation and their interpretation of ‘frivolous.’

In 2008 I took my mother to vote in the Presidential election. She uses a walker to get around but her mind is as sharp as a classic Wusthof knife. I stood on the other side of the room as she placed her ballot on the seat of her walker and headed for the voting booth. A woman approached her and I could see a conversation going on. It continued for longer than I was comfortable with. My mother firmly shook her head and indicated with her hand that the woman should move away, which she did. According to Mom, the woman wanted to stand with her to “help” her check the right boxes. The help offered was not simply asking if Mother, an elderly lady, needed assistance, and the women didn’t want to take ‘no’ for an answer. How many times does this happen around the country and how many times does the voter let it happen?

The photo above of Gonzalez comes from her Twitter page where her handle is @FDPMoneyGirl, which may equate to Florida Democratic Party Money Girl?

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