Adele: New James Bond Theme Song – Skyfall: Daniel Craig the Perfect James Bond

Daniel Craig is my favorite James Bond, other than Sean Connery. Bond is edgier today, and Daniel Craig is perfect for the part. The remake of Casino Royale with Craig was a masterpiece. Quantum of Solace was a huge disappointment to me, not because of Craig’s performance but because there was so much action, the actors had nothing to connect with, and certainly not with me. Skyfall is due for release November 9, 2012, AND Javier Bardem, the baddest bad man ever (No Country for Old Men – see the trailer), does something in this film. I don’t know the politics of either Craig or Bardem. That’s always a good thing, but I’m suspect of Bardem’s. I refuse to think about it.

Daniel Craig – Skyfall


The second video below is Daniel Craig’s promo for Saturday Night Live last weekend. The promo is great. Other than that, what were the writer’s thinking? Craig was put into the weekly NYC construction crew. The writer’s embarrassed themselves. Then the space ship sketch? What a waste of Daniel Craig. Watch the promo below. Craig is a funny guy. Impeccable timing. Not his bad that SNL couldn’t get their act together for this great actor. With Craig is rising star Taran Killam.

Adele: Skyfall – Skyfall Trailer (video)

Promo for Daniel Craig on Saturday Night Live with Taran Kilam (video)

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  • This and the Lincoln movie is what I’m waiting for Maggie..