You Are Obama’s “Delivery System:” The “Trick?” How to Restructure Government

This video below is from 1998 with Obama saying the “trick” is to restructure government so that “redistribution” is possible. Hilariously, he makes the comment that the Chicago Housing Authority “has not been a model of good policy making,” yet his Senior Aide, close, close friend, and the other side of his brain, Valerie Jarrett, was slumlord until the taxpayer took her property with rats (the 4-legged kind)  running in the hallways, off her hands. Just as astonishing is Obama criticizing the Chicago Public Schools (which are always among the worst in the nation) when he and Bill Ayers wasted $500 MILLION on ethnically-directed school projects in Chicago.

This isn’t an article about education, but he did refer to it and you should know that under the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Obama and Ayers provided grants and funds to specific programs, until they went broke:

Chosen to receive a grant:

The South Shore African Village Collaborative for their “Celebrate African-American Holiday of Juneteenth” (celebrating the Emancipation Proclamation). Some African-Americans celebrate Juneteenth instead of the Fourth of July (a report fromTexas). Kurtz commented that in his reporting of Obama’s previous church, Trinity United Church of Christ, some members told him that Juneteenth was their Independence Day, not Fourth of July (Kurtz did not say that all members held this view).

Turned down to receive a grant:
*The Chicago Algebra Project: goal to increase student achievement

*The District 5 Math Initiative: goal to aid Hispanic students in the process of learning English, to further learn math and science.

Kurtz characterized the information he viewed as showing grant preferences for ethnic identity projects. The grants were evidently not given to schools, but rather to “external partners,” to which schools sought to attach themselves – such as a South Shore African Village Collaborative.

In the meantime, after “external partners” received millions, ethnic identity didn’t help math and science scores.

It is interesting to note that this Chairman of the Board position was Obama’s first “executive” experience.

There’s more: Obama’s connections to the Gamaliel Foundation, Kurtz says has a “core point” advocating for a form of” liberation theology.” He further states that his research shows that Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Theology preaching is not an anomaly.

How about funding African puberty rights to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars:

The South Shore African Village Collaborative (SSAVC) was very much a part of the Afrocentric “rites of passage movement,” a fringe education crusade of the 1990s. SSAVC schools featured “African-Centered” curricula built around “rites of passage” ceremonies inspired by the puberty rites found in many African societies. In and of themselves, these ceremonies were harmless. Yet the philosophy that accompanied them was not. On the contrary, it was a carbon-copy of Jeremiah Wright’s worldview.

Obama has always had a government-funded or non-profit delivery system and has failed at all of them by the limits most of us consider a measure of responsibility.  Here’s a snippet of his remarks from the video:

…and uh my suggestion to you is that the, the trick…the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence, facilitate some distribution, because I actually believe in redistribution…

You and I are Obama’s delivery system, confirming Romney’s remarks that 47% of Americans will vote for Obama because they pay no taxes, and want to pay no taxes. No trick to getting Obma out of office. Just show at the polls and vote.

Obama 1998 I Actually Believe in Redistribution – The Trick is to Restructure Government (video)

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