Video: Israel and Obama: The Political Reality – Video Short Documentary MUST GO VIRAL

The narrator, the girl in the green shirt, supported Obama in 2008. She met her husband in Israel. This video is well worth your time to watch: Egypt, Jerusalem, Settlements, Netanyahu, Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood, 1967 Borders, aid to Israel. Former French President, Sarkosy said he could not stand Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – he was a liar, to which Obama replied: “You may be sick of him, but me, I have to deal with him every day.” This video is a short, well-made documentary, and clearly demonstrates the political reality of Obama’s lack of support for the only Democracy in the Middle East, and our only ally there. The title of the video is “Absolutely Uncertain.” Bloggers, grab it and make it go viral.  H/T to Steven on Twitter

Israel and Obama: The Political Reality (video)

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  • I just shared this video on my facebook page. It always stirs the liberals there.. and I make no apologies for sharing it. They believe we don’t need to see this kind of propaganda.. Well we’ll see what’s propaganda and what’s truth.

  • Geo

    I have real heartburn with this pretentious little twit. As a American her “only” beef with the socialist in chief is, what he has done with Israel? This little bobble head is typical of the dopey lib vote, especially in New York. They are idiots and monolithic, myopic morons.

    I’d bet any money that this little dope has no such heartache with obama’s 5.5Trillion of debt, obamaKare, free contraceptives, gays openly serving in the Military, his lawlessness and ruling by Executive Fiat, circumventing laws by his sole authority, suing every Red State at the drop of a hat, blanket amnesty issued to illegals by circumventing U.S. law, or that we are headed for financial Armageddon. I could go on and on, but I won’t.

    No her sole purpose and issue in life is cheobama’s treatment of Israel?

    The last time I saw cheobama appear before AIPAC he got a very warm welcome and some standing O’s. The Jews voted for this jerk by 77% in ’08. I suppose he is really going to be in trouble this time around when he only gets 60% of them to vote for him.

    Catholic’s voted for him by 54% last time, now he’s picking a fight with the Church, how much is he going to pay for that? I’m betting not that much. Same goes for the Blacks who voted for him “only” because he is Black.

    Dopey libs are the same no matter where you find them. When it comes to this one issue, she just happens to sound like the mugging victim from last night and only regarding one issue. Pathetic but, expected.

    • davboz

      She says, “The strategy (middle east)didn’t exactly work out as he intended.” I believe it IS working as he intends. And that her and many (hopefully) others are only NOW BEGINNING to see glimpses of what we saw clearly from the start about this fraudulent man shows the state of so many peoples’ brains and ideals today.