Video Democrat Delegates Vote No on Amendment to Add God and Jerusalem: 3 Votes No – It’s Added Anyway

Unbelievable. The amendment to the Democrat platform is put up on a screen for all to see, and calls for adding ‘God’ back into the Democrat platform, as well as acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A two-thirds vote is needed. The vote is called and the ‘nos’ are every bit as strong, maybe stronger than the ayes. Shocked, he calls for the vote three times and each time it’s the same. After the third vote, he declares it passed anyway. Note that the first vote is to suspend the rules and they clearly approve that. The problem comes after the Methodist minister speaks. Source: Weekly Standard

UPDATE: Ha! Look at this. The Teleprompter was loaded and ready before the vote was even taken. This is what Hugo Chavez does. This embarrassment is what they deserve for removing ‘God’ and the language affirming Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Teleprompter Rules the DNC Vote, before the Vote

Democrat Delegates Don’t Want ‘God’ and They ‘Don’t want Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital (vote)

Second photo (teleprompter) courtesy of Fox News Insider

  • Maggie, I just posted about this myself. This video is amazing. Many more like this and they’re going to stop having the news stations cover their convention. And what a head-shake I had when the platform committee chairman identified himself as a United Methodist minister.

    Posted the video on my FB page too; hope all my Democrat ‘friends’ will take a look.

    • Pup, can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it today. Yes, this is who many of the Methodist churches are today. They are guided not by the Bible but by the NCC (there I go again:-)

  • That was interesting. Thank you for posting this Maggie. I read a small article on Fox News, but they did a terrible job of describing what happened and left me wondering. Now I know.

    • Opus, I don’t know how you stand these hate-fests. You and findalis are amazing. I just had someone try to tell me that AIPAC is responsible for putting the language back in the platform. So AIPAC bullied Obama? No, this came straight from the hate-filled hearts of Democrat delegates. Wasn’t it curious that the ayes and the nos sounded exactly alike. What a deviant plan.

  • Geo

    Well now, I guess it’s better late than never. The dims have finally found God and managed to relocate the Capitol of Israel . . . Jerusalem. Dragged along kicking and screaming, nothing to see here folks, just move along.

    Bret Baier on Fox yesterday interviewed of Lil’ Dick Turbin and caught them with their pants down. Turbin was his usual vicious self and attacked Bret, who didn’t back down. Ask today for another appearance on Special Report, Turbin declined and wouldn’t provide a statement. Weasel!

    • Geo, I think God is gone from the Democrat Party, no matter what’s in their platform, and if they can find a way to split Jerusalem, they will do it in a heart beat. Turbin acted like a 6 year old, which is about as long the live of your average weasel:-)

  • You know what’s sad.. that these creeps even need to vote on this subject.. Disgusting bunch of atheists..Just disgusting. I’d take them all to the woodshed if I could.. Disgusting. Anyone voting for any Democrat is disgusting to me.

    • David Lemon, disgusting is a nice way to put it, but you know what, I believe it’s part of God’s plan. We are learning what will be done to this country if we continue to allow it.

  • I got phone calls from relatives this morning saying that they were voting for Romney. The Democrats finally showed their faces and they have decided that there is no place in the Democratic Party for a Jew.

    1 step forward, 2 steps back.

    • Tell your relatives that they just made a lemon in Montana tear up.. God bless them and you.

      • I will. Sometimes you have to be hit in the face before you come to your senses.

    • findalis, they are right, and you have always been right. There is no place for anything Godly, including Jews in the hearts of Obama Democrats. I hope your relatives have not been convinced now that everything is good and fine to go back to vote for these morons.

      Tell them that your conservative friends are finding it increasingly difficult to defend their adoration of Obama. They can do so much for this country by voting for Romney. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose. (but then, you know all this already).

  • H Troop

    You see who actually controls our govt and elected Officials.

    Israel has every right to choose where it wants to locate its capitol, but it doesnt have the right to bribe and payoff americans elected officials, rig votes, and force their will as govt policy on actual american voters.

    This was a short term victory for the AIPAC Jews, but it will be a long term disaster for them, because for the first time they showed their true nature publicly scamming a fake vote using their shills to get what they want.

    They did it openly and publicily for the first time, and this is actually good news for freeing ourselves- in BOTH PARTIES -from these crooked manipulating AIPAC israelis.

    With so much unemployment, outsourcing and debt, the coming collapse of social security and medicare..
    the LAST thing 95% of american voters are remotely concerned about is Israels choice of its capitol, but with bribed Israel-Puppet pawns ‘leading’ us in exchange for payoffs, this is all get as long as we are enslaved to the agents of a malevolent foreign power and its AIPAC minions.

    • H Troop, Israel didn’t bribe anyone on the matter of Israel. Do you know nothing about the League of Nations, the Balfour Declaration and the British Mandate (which they botched in favor of Islam)? If you want to talk about “bribing” and “payoff” take a look at the Mufti of Jerusalem and Britain.

      The League of Nations gave Israel a large portion of land. Technically and officially, that area of land still belongs to Israel today. Israel took less, and has made it worked, even in the fact of extreme Islamic tyranny.

      Look back in history to the roots of how AIPAC started.

      Oh yes, we have unemployment and plenty of it, but it was the DNC that decided to publicly change their platform. The blame goes in no other direction.

      Forget Israel? I say forget the unions who have contributed to the loss of millions of jobs in this country. Israel is a matter of the DNC at this moment in time, unfortunately for them, and their President has no plan for jobs. He is clueless.

      • red shield

        The Jews function as a global crime syndicate flocking to where ever money can be defrauded or financial schemes can be wages against the unwary or uneducated populace,

        From the Jesus himself overturning the tables of the crooked Jewish Pharisees ‘money changers’ in the temple where the jews had positioned them to extort favorable exchange rates from anyone attempting to enter the temple to make a offering,

        to the court jews of europe buying the right to conduct usury at interest from corrupted leaders of states they paid off(same as the dems and repubs), ‘loaning’ money to their starving peasant gentile subjects (your ancestors) and when they are unable to pay it back at interest taking all their property and possessions,

        to the Rothschilds/Mayer/Loebs/Schiffs founding of the Bank of London and ordering its shills in the British Govt to send Britains’ military to conquer the Chinese after China made it Illegal to sell Opium to its citizens, which was a large profit stream to the Jews..

        to the Schiffs founding of the Bank of New York and pushing the nation into a Federal Reserve, which is not Federal or a Reserve.. its a private company run by the Jews at Goldman Sachs and other offshoots of the European jewish cartel of Rothschilds(london) and Schiffs(america) to gain complete control over the credit of the USA and its taxpayers for it to gamble with interest-free…

        The reason the Global Jewry is courting you and sending sayanim and hasbarists to your site is because you are a useful tool to them as they continue a war against you, as has gone on uninterrupted over 900 years or so now.
        The OT was written by Jews exclusively FOR other Jews..
        its not directed at Christians, and its not til the NT of Jesus that we are told to turn away from the conduct of the Jews serving only their OWN, and given the tale of the Good Samaritan – In which Jesus taught us to treat others the way that we want to be treated, not in regards to whether they are a Jew or Not.

        • I see the Hitler Youth have invaded the blog again Maggie.

          I will not respond to these so-called arguments, but hope that the writer dies soon and has to explain him/herself to the Great Judge of us all. Then his/her punishment will be appropriate.

    • I did see a video from Al Jazeera TV.. on AIPAC.. like you, they’re very much wanting to see the Jews not represented.
      I wanted to know what outsourcing was.. I got this from Wikipedia.

      “The most common reasons why companies decide to outsource include cost reduction and cost savings, the ability to focus its core business, access to more knowledge, talent and experience, and increased profits.
      Many companies decide to outsource because it cut costs such as labor costs, regulatory costs, and training costs. Foreign countries tend to have workers who will complete the same amount of work as in the United States, but for less than half the salary that an American employee will make. This motivates companies to outsource overseas to find foreign workers who are willing to work for these lower wages. The company can spend up to half the usual cost to train these workers to become experts in a different country. Lower regulatory costs are an addition to companies saving money when outsourcing. Comparing the costs to employing a worker in the United States to a worker in China, it is noticed that an employer in the U.S. has to pay higher taxes (social security, Medicare, safety protection (OSHA regulations) and also FICA (taxes).”

      So what I gather from outsourcing, is that a company saves a ton by going overseas. Now if the U.S. Government would lighten the taxes and other regulatory weights that hang around business in this country, they’d have a better incentive to keep jobs here.. Never mind the Obama Care sword hanging above their heads..
      Oh and there’s Labor Unions.. big costs there and nothing but trouble.. Hell if I had a company facing what a company has to face in this country.. I’d be outsourcing to. Time to make the job environment better for business instead of the government trying to put business out of business as this current administration has done.
      That’s how you revive the job market. Dude..

  • Mohacs, none of the entitlements you mention above should be in the General Fund. Had they never been put into the general fund, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Johnson is responsible for the change from the Trust Fund. Both parties have been complicit in irresponsible spending, but only Democrats are responsible for skyrocketing energy costs and he devastating mortgage crisis – only Democrats, beginning with Clinton.

    Some people who receive SS benefits have paid into them for a lifetime. Many others have paid into nothing and get them anyway. There is no blame for a person who has worked al his/her life.

    Contrast that with 51% of Americans paying not a cent in taxes.

  • David Lemon, just saw Mohacs comment. Sorry, I would have been here earlier.

  • Thank you Maggie.. but your waisting your time with bottom feeders. I appreciate your words though. What they can’t fathom is that all artists are not selling as much as I they need to to survive on their artwork alone, because of the policies of the last almost 4 years. When you keep punishing the rich, it has a ripple effect. When I sell a bronze, there are literally hundreds of people who have jobs because of me and my artwork. Liberals can’t see beyond their eyelashes.
    Isn’t it funny how liberals always see a person and judge them by weight, color, or looks. The words “Judge not, least ye be judged” come to mind. But then again it was the Democrats who segregated in the south, so why should it surprise anyone that they’re the real racists. So I’m not bothered by them. I just want to bury their ideas, politically, in the trash heap of history.

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