USAID Global Female Condom Day: Embassies UnderFunded, Ambassadors Die – We Buy Condoms

September 12th, 2012 is the first ever US Agency for International Development (USAID) Global Female Condom Day, bringing attention to the Woman’s Condom. On the same day, we learned that Congress, Inspector Generals and the State Department have long acknowledged the severe underfunding of US Embassies in volatile countries. Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton sent “tens of billions” to foreign countries for climate change. Now it’s condoms. And it’s been going on for awhile.

USAID Delivers 40 Million Condoms to Zambia (2007)

USAID and the State Department should dispense no money without first answering the very basic question: How does this enhance U.S. national security? If all they can respond with is theoretical and fluffy gobbledygook, perhaps they should shelve that project as something the private sector and non-governmental organizations can take up on their own. It’s well past time that foreign aid bolstered American security, not provided a slush fund to let do-gooders spend endlessly money that would better stay in taxpayers’ wallets. Commentary Magazine Hat Tip: Michael Rubin also writing on the motivation of the Libyan Embassy attacks?

In September 2007, USAID published its own story of delivering 40 Million condoms to Zambia, some of them the Woman’s Condom.

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