US Pays for TV Ads in Pakistan Apologizing for Offending Muslims: “No Bullet” Policy? True or Not?

The two press apologies for offending Muslims – you know those two apologies that you and I need a barf bag to watch, one by Obama with Hillary Clinton standing at his side, and the other of Clinton’s solo apology, has been put into an ad, with the caption “paid content” (allegedly paid for by the U.S.) and put on Pakistani television.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Apologize for Offending Muslims


 Washington began airing ads in Pakistan this week condemning the video in an olive branch to the Muslim world.

Hillary Clinton Apologies for Offending Muslims

Christopher Stevens Raped, Murdered and Dragged Through Benghazi Streets

Fox News (if the video does not play or disappears, view it here):

The advertisements end with the seal of the American Embassy in Islamabad, the Pakistani capital. It was not known how many channels were airing the ads or whether they were being run in other Muslim countries or just Pakistan.

Still unanswered: why was the Libyan Consulate without American security – not British security hiring out the job to Libyans? And was there really a “no bullets” policy, signed by Hillary Clinton. If former SEALs Doherty and Woods were not at the Consulate to protect it, why were they there? NBC and ABC answered that question, but there has been no other serious probe into the odd circumstances – Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, undercover of night, with no security – no one knew he was there, and attackers knew where to find the safe house.

American Marines were not stationed at the U.S. embassy in Tripoli or the American mission in Benghazi, as would typically have been the case. In the spirit of a “low profile,” the administration didn’t even want an American company in charge of private security. Blue Mountain, the British firm the State Department hired, was willing to abide by the “no bullets” Rules of Engagement (ROE), so were a logical fit for the contract. These sub-standard protections for American diplomats were signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the ROE.  Source: Breitbart

Alleged US-Paid Ad Playing in Pakistan (video)

  • ROD

    On day following attack on the US consulate at Benghazi, Obama skipped the Intel briefing. Now does that sound like Obama is being honest when he says, “My Number One Priority is to Keep Our Diplomats Safe”.
    There are a lot of questions in my mind that beg answers regarding the killing of four Americans in Benghazi. For example:
     Why was the US Consulate in Benghazi a rented villa without any of the standard protection such as armed US Marines instead of 8 “Libyan-rent-a-guard”, steel doors, secure fencing, and barriers? Doesn’t sound like Obama’s No.1 priority is keeping Diplomats safe, does it?
     Why did Ambassador Stevens fly into Benghazi directly from Europe on Sept. 11? Why couldn’t it wait until another day or until everything was secure?
     Why did the two ex-navy seals pick the Ambassador at the airport in an unmarked car?
     Why did the Hillary Clinton initiate the rhetoric that this attack was a spontaneous act which was rooted from the anti-Muslim video trailer?
     Why did the Obama administration continue the same rhetoric for over 7 days when there was more than enough information that said that the State Department was informed in advance that there was going to be trouble in Sept. 11 in the Middle East, and, many sources confirmed the fact that it was not a spontaneous act but a preplanned attack with more-than-likely the Ambassador as the prime target.
     Why did Obama and Clinton make a video apologizing for the anti-Muslim video to the people of Pakistan? What do they think this is going to do?
     Who made the weapons that were used in the attack of the US Consulate in Benghazi?
     What were the ex-navy seals doing in Benghazi since they were not doing security for the Ambassador as the Obama administration tried to tell us? Were they CIA by any chance? Were they on the mission to find and negotiate the return of the US weapons?
     Why haven’t we timely retaliated sending a stern message to the Muslim world, is it that our intelligence gathering system is so bad now and/or are we so incompetent now that we do not know where the terrorist hideouts are in Libya? Why haven’t we sent in the drones to clean out the infested sites?
     Why does Valerie Jarrett have 24X7 secret service security paid by taxpayers and we cannot afford the same for our diplomats?
     It is no longer a question of whether or not Obama and his administration can tell the truth (they are incapable of that); it is now a question of performance. How have they performed these past four years?
    • Leadership ———————– Failed
    • Economy ————————– Failed
    • Debt Reduction ——————- Failed
    • Jobs —————————– Failed
    • Stimulating Growth ————— Failed
    • Foreign Policy ——————- Failed
    • Immigration ———————–Failed
    I think it is time for real “Change” and let Obama and his administration go.

    • ROD, this is the first time I’ve heard thath the Doherty and Woods picked up Stevens at the airport. They have said they were in the country, not for the Embassy or the Consulate in particular, but to find and destroy weapons, according to ABC.

      As long as Obama is in office, there will be no stern message to Muslims

  • In “Audacity of Hope” Obama writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    Can it get any uglier than this??????????

    Obama is an enemy of the state, along with Hitlary. Obama the USURPER must be IMPEACHED for TREASON.

  • ANYONE that votes for Obama is a traitor to the United States, knowing what he has done with his lousy $70,000 TV ad appology and wanting to give even more of our tax payer money to these Godless Muslim Infidels.
    America needs to pull out and let them ALL self destruct, no more, food, aid or anyone given a visa to travel into those countries. When the time is right
    those evil countries need to be left with nothing but sand and glass.
    In “Audacity of Hope” Obama writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    Can it get any uglier than this?