The Carter Clinton Obama Legacy: They Did Build That Legacy, But Americans Did Build the Panama Canal – New GOP Video

Perhaps Jimmy Carter’s most infamous act was signing the Panama Canal Treaties. The Panama Canal – We Did Build That – he gave it away to Panama with the stroke of the Presidential pen. Now, most of the ports on both sides of the Isthmus of Panama are owned by the People’s Republic of China. A Chinese company manages the locks for the canal with 25% of them operated by the People’s Liberation Army of China. For all of the Shah of Iran’s shortcomings, Carter’s lack of diplomacy brought down the Shah, an ally of the U.S. and a friend to Israel. During Carter’s last days, Islamists took control of the American Embassy in Tehran and held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. Reagan was sworn into office and the hostages were released within minutes. Islamic terrorists didn’t show up until a month after Clinton was sworn in. Since that time, the Iranian plan is almost fully developed, jump-started under Jimmy Carter.

President H. W. Bush had the Gulf War to deal with, when Iraq invaded neighboring Kuwait. A coalition of countries quickly developed and put an end to Saddam Hussein’s aspirations for Kuwait. Harsh economic sanctions were leveled against Iraq by the members of the U.N. Security Council (in the days before the Council became puppets of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation).

The 1993 World Trade center attack by Islamic terrorists put Osama bin Laden’s name on a list of unindicted co-conspirators. The mastermind behind the 1993 bombing, Ramzi Yousef, had an Iraqi passport.  Six died and over 1,000 were injured. President Bill Clinton shaped the first Democrat terrorism model, by treating the attack as a criminal event, not terrorism.

The Clinton foreign policy was to get re-elected. Therefore, anything that might be controversial had to be avoided. So, from the beginning to the end of the administration, the Clintons “demanded absolute proof before acting against terrorists.” This high bar guaranteed inaction. At the beginning of his term, after the attack of Feb. 26, 1993, Mr. Clinton refused to admit that the World Trade Center had been bombed. Later, he referred to it only as “regrettable” and “treated the disaster… like a twister in Arkansas.” Earlier, he had “urged the public not to ‘overreact’ to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.”…

The Sudanese would offer to let the U.S. see their intelligence files and all the data they had gathered about bin Laden and the associates who had visited him in Sudan, “and would be repeatedly rebuffed through both formal and informal channels. This was one of the greatest intelligence failures of the Clinton years as the result of orders that came from the Clinton White House.” Had the Clinton administration accepted and examined these files, countless terrorists could have been tracked. Sudan’s offer to arrest bin Laden and deliver him to U.S. officials was likewise refused. The Washington Times

Thus was the beginning of the tanking of the U.S. economy. Clinton was enabling the Community Reinvestment Act which would end in a devastating housing mortgage crisis, putting millions of homeowners underwater on their home loans – home values plummeted and continue to do so. Bin Laden would finally bring down the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001, 9 short months into the G.W. Bush administration. Under Bush, America went to war, undeclared but with full support of a Democrat Congress – and the Nation’s debt soared. And Americans died. Clinton could have changed everything.

Under Barack Obama, Iran’s deep devotion to wiping out Israel is thriving under friendly agreements with Russia, Syria and North Korea. He is sending another $1 Billion to Egypt to further “democracy” under the Muslim Brotherhood – Islamists and extremists. Calling the Egyptian ‘revolution’ a fight for freedom (which it was, but had no hope of achieving democracy in an Islamic nation), Obama refused to acknowledge who the Muslim Brotherhood is, and instead welcomed them to the neighborhood and the White House. Hosni Mubarack, a dictator no doubt, was the keeper of the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty. The ‘Brotherhood’ says they will never sit down with Israel for any reason and may be working with Iran. A gap the size of the Grand Canyon in diplomatic terms continues to widen between the U.S. and Israel.

Clinton, Carter and Obama directly put U.S. and Israeli safety at enormous jeopardy – all in an effort to support Middle Eastern radicals. We can speculate what Obama’s motives are but unfortunately won’t hear the truth until he leaves office when I believe a lot of people will start talking, documents and videos will be released. America will be appalled at the catastrophe their 2008 vote brought down their future and the future of those they love.

Here’s the GOP’s latest video featuring Jimmy Earl Carter and Barack Hussein Obama.

Presidents Carter and Obama (video)

This article is the work of Maggie Thornton at Maggie’s Notebook. If you are reading it on the FavStock website, know that they are using my material without my permission.

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  • A.Men

    Love Carter. He’s now better than the WORST president in history… barry hussien obama.

  • Now all the people can see what kind of consequences the liberal immigrant politics have got… Terrorist aren’t only criminals, because they are well-organized, just like a multinational company. Respect for Mr Carter!

  • Obama’s policies are those of Carter and Clinton but on steroids. And, who does Obama look to in this DNC to boost his imahe, Carter and Clinton. WAKE UP AMERICA!