Sunil Walia ICE Agent Sues Janet Napolitano: Bush Awarded Walia for Outstanding Debriefs of Suspected Travelers at JFK

Sunil Walia is an Indian-born Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent who can speak and understand languages used by many terrorists. Reports on this story does not say whether Arabic is included among those languages. Walia effectively grilled suspected travelers at JFK and won an award for doing so in 2007 for “outstanding debriefs.” That was during the Bush years when Homeland Security actually tried to keep terrorists out of the U.S. Very different from Obama’s Homeland Security. Napolitano reassigned him, but in the reporting, I find no clue why he was reassigned to a spot that cost him an opportunity to join the elite Joint Terrorism Task Force. Walia now sits at a desk and has no access to “suspicious travelers.” He is seeking $2.5 Million dollars in damages.

Janet Napolitano

The lawsuits against Napolitano are piling up with James T. Hayes, Jr., the head of the New York ICE office filing suit on behalf of numerous agents, claiming Napolitano ran a female frat-house, implicating ICE Chief of Staff Suzanne Barr in a lewd conduct and sexual harrassment case. Barr resigned the position over the Labor Day holiday.

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