Special Ops Video Too Good to Miss: We Know a Hero From A Cowardly Power Monger

SpecialOps put out this video, Barry the Hero. It’s too good to miss. Pass it on to your friends. This is another one to send viral. Contribute to the SpecialOps mission here. Find their video channel here.

Grumpy Opinions has some great commentary to go along with the video

SpecialOps Speaks: Barry the Hero (video)

  • PERFECT – JUST LIKE BARRY or whoever the sumb!@#@! is? Who cares who or what BHO is (which would take volumes) just so we NEVER see him again after November. Can’t wait to see Obummer and his black widow’s face after he is defeated. Wonder if MO will wear another horrible black widow dress? It did suit her, I must say. She needs to add a hijab.