SEAL Book No Easy Day Out 9-4-12: No Classifieds Revealed – two bin Ladens take a peek and die

Even the New York Times sounds somewhat in awe of Navy Seal Matt Bissonnette’s book, No Easy Day, due out on September 4th. . Bissonnette tried to publish under the name Mark Owen, but Fox News outed him to the world., or at least that’s the story. He is retired from SEAL service and, as his attorney has said, did not give up classified information of any kind. The NYT agrees. The Pentagon is talking lawsuit. Can you imagine? We have an administration which sues our States for protecting their citizens, a DOJ who protects the New Black Panther Party on clear Voter Intimidation charges and secretly sends high-powered weapons across our border to murder Mexicans, with the goal of shutting down Second Amendment rights, and now the Pentagon wants to sue a Navy SEAL or his publisher for setting the record straight on the bin Laden kill – actually two bin Ladens, as son Khalid also peeked around a corner at just the wrong time.

It is only after the George W. Bush presidency that the author begins complaining about the slow-moving “Washington machine” that members of the SEALs found frustrating. That irritation mounts in 2011, when the SEALs anxiously awaited their signal to raid Abbottabad, but this account is determined to steer clear of serious politics or leave itself open to election-season manipulation. The worst it has to say about President Obama is that none of the fighters who caught bin Laden wanted to help re-elect him, and that he never followed through on a promise to invite them to the White House for a beer.

Mr. Owen’s new information about the Abbottabad attack adds a human element to much of what has been previously reported…

Much more shocking and revelatory is the way the author describes his own handling of the “dead weight,” as the men hustled the body bag to the helicopter. Yes, he had a sense that this was an event of great historical import. But he also had a job to do. And in a set of actions that came as the culmination of all that he had learned from experience, he pulled bin Laden’s beard left and right in order to get the best possible identification photo. He took out a booklet of pictures to help him realize that the Qaeda leader’s nose was his best remaining identifying feature.

When he found that bin Laden’s guns were not loaded, he felt a SEAL’s contempt for the dead man: “There is no honor in sending people to die for something you won’t even fight for yourself.” And on the helicopter ride out of Abbottabad he sat with bin Laden’s body at his feet while another raider sat on top of it. The flight was overcrowded, he reports. Source: New York Times

The Obama account was not truthful. There was not a firefight. If the White House can’t get the details of a SEAL raid right, then it takes a SEAL to tell the story.

Pentagon press secretary George Little said the book’s author, ex-SEAL Matt Bissonnette, was in violation of two nondisclosure agreements that he signed in 2007 by failing to submit the book for an official security review before it was published. Bissonnette’s lawyer disputed this Friday, saying he believes the decorated former SEAL has “earned the right to tell his story.”

Little would not say what legal options the Pentagon is considering or when it might take action.

Little suggested that the Pentagon might be satisfied if Bissonnette were to stop the book’s official release. The Pentagon obtained an advance copy last week and has since been reviewing it for any classified information and to determine what, if any, legal action should be taken, Little said.

“The onus is on the author,” Little said, while declining to spell out what the author must do.

Jeh Johnson, the Pentagon’s top lawyer, notified Bissonnette on Thursday that the Pentagon believes he is in “material breach and violation” of two nondisclosure agreements and of a related document he signed upon leaving active duty in April 2012.

In a letter faxed to Bissonnette through his publisher, he was advised by Johnson that “further public dissemination of your book will aggravate your breach and violation of your agreements.”

Johnson said the Pentagon is “considering pursuing against you, and all those acting in concert with you, all remedies legally available to us in light of this situation.”

In response, Robert D. Luskin of the law firm Patton Boggs wrote to Johnson on Friday that his firm is representing Bissonnette and asserting that he is not in breach of his nondisclosure agreements.

Luskin, who represented White House aide Karl Rove in the leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s identity in the Bush administration, said the author had “sought legal advice about his responsibilities before agreeing to publish his book and scrupulously reviewed the work to ensure that it did not disclose any material that would breach his agreements or put his former comrades at risk. He remains confident that he has faithfully fulfilled his duty.”

The Justice Department could go after the profits of the book in a civil proceeding. Department spokesman Dean Boyd declined any comment on the book Friday. Source

SEAL Raid on bin Laden – White House watches. Obama the only one in the room in a golf shirt and golf jacket.

Remember the horror of seeing a helicopter downed on top of a fence at the bin Laden compound? Bissonnette was in that helicopter. He was the second man inside bin Laden’s bedroom, and the terrorist was already on the floor with a bullet to the head, courtesy of the SEAL Team 6 point man:

Bissonnette wrote: ‘The man’s face was mangled from from at least one bullet one and covered in blood. his chest was torn up.

‘I started to wipe blood away from his face using a blanket from the bed. With each swipe, the face became more familiar.

‘It was strange to see such an infamous face up close. Lying in front of me was the reason we had been fighting for the last decade.’ Source: Daily Mail

I can see the DOJ going after this SEAL’s profits. American will come undone. I preordered the book and anxiously await it arriving on my Kindle.

The initial run of No Easy Day has replaced Fifty Shades of Gray as Amazon’s No. 1 seller and the initial printing was increased from 200,000 copies to 57,000 copies.

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  • I want to get the book, screw Obama’s gov. law suits.

  • Obama and Bill Clinton didn’t care about the SEAL’s. All they cared about was the political fallout if something went wrong and the mission failed. Bill Clinton never cared about the military. He never cared about the USAF flight crew on Ron Brown’s aircraft when it mysteriously crashed. He never cared about the Sailors on the USS Cole. All he cared about was the political fallout and how he could overcome it. Now, he makes an add about this for Obama.