Samuel L Jackson – Jewish Council on Education and Research: Latest Jackson F-Bomb

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has made his living calling F-bombs on his movie enemies, anyone disagreeing with him politically, and lately assaulting children with his narration of  “a children’s book,” “Go the F**k to Sleep.” The latest is his Wake the F**k Up [and vote for Obama] video. What got my attention was the wallet behind the political video attributed to the Jewish Council for Education and Research. If I was prone to using the F-word, this would be the time I would say, who the F is the Jewish Council for Education and Research?

I’m not prone to that habit, so I went in search of finding the answer, and found a full explanation at Israel Matzav (Carl in Jerusalem). One important point is that the JCER gives the impression that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is what JCER portrays them as.  Rather, Carl says two young rich Jewish kids are behind JCER, embarking on a trek to become a part of “Jewish communal politics,” at the expense of Israel. Some names Carl brings into the discussion: Ehud Barak, Benjamin Netanyahu and JewVote. I urge you to read Carl’s information. There is a great need to know with Hollywood backing them, and dishonest portrayals of the entire IDF being aired. Read a NY Post report here.