Retiring Nancy Pelosi – Republican John Dennis for CA 12th District US House Seat – New Campaign Ad Features Bella-osi and Zombies

I was invited to join a blogger conference call tonight with businessman John Dennis who is running on the Republican ticket for the US House against Nancy Pelosi for California’s 8th 12th District seat. What? You didn’t know Pelosi has an opponent? She does. John Dennis is a bold candidate with a bold sense of humor, and he is worthy of your attention. As he says:

There are some fights that need to be fought, no matter what the odds ~ John Dennis

John and Heather Dennis with Daughter Devan

The Dennis campaign is just releasing a new video. I’ll talk about it first, because we all know how powerful a video can be. The first video below is produced by filmmaker Chris Burgard who created the famous ‘Smoking Man’ ad for Herman Cain as well as the Goldfish and Rabbit videos for Cain Solutions. The Night of the Living Pelosi is, let’s say, different from most political ads you’ll come across. A blogger on tonight’s call asked “why zombies,” and the answer was basically, ‘why not.’ My interpretation of the whole answer is that Pelosi followers are zombie-like in their mindless shuffling along and doling out of support for this wacky woman who once held one of the highest positions in the U.S. House, and turned it into one of the four most dangerous positions in Government.

The video takes place at the Pelosi winery in Napa (in your imagination) with zombies in zombie-like adoration, and chanting Bella-osi, no doubt an ode to the D’Alesandro (Pelosi’s maiden name) and Pelosi Italian heritages. Pelosi’s father was a Baltimore Democrat Ward Boss, a Baltimore city councilman, a 5-term US Congressman and Baltimore Mayor. While I cannot confirm an Italian connection directly to The Speaker’s husband Paul, Pelosi is generally considered an Italian sur name.

The story line includes a sacrificial lamb. My take on the lamb – sacrificing liberty. Listen for the “500 Million” job loss from Bella-osi, referring to her claim that every month we did not have economic recovery, “500 Million Americans lose their jobs.” The push was on for the $800+ BILLION Stimulus at that time.

Dennis reminds her that she voted to detain American citizens indefinitely, and says he would not have cast that vote, to which she repeats her famous quip when asked “where, specifically in the the Constitution, Congress is granted the authority to enact an individual health care mandate,” and she replied: “Are you serious? Are you serious?”

You’ll have to watch to see what happens to the lamb, but be assured, we do not “find out what’s in it.”

About John Dennis: he’s more Libertarian than Republican which is a good thing in California’s District 8. Media says he is “pro-same-sex marriage.” He says that is not accurate – that he really doesn’t care. The message I came away with is that he isn’t passionate about it one way or the other, even at the State level. So readers here are raising their eyebrows, but remember the seat he’s running for. Here’s a quote from Dennis:

Nancy Pelosi represents one of the most socially liberal districts in the United States, yet her stance on individual liberty has been less than impressive. Even worse has been Nancy’s continuous assault on small business. Both gay and straight small business owners are fed up with what is happening to our economic environment. Our government has become out of control and it is time for “We The People” to regain our ability to prosper for ourselves, not dwindle under the misdirection of our Congress.

On the environment: Dennis is pro-conservation AND pro environmental property rights. I take that to mean, you own the property, the government should not have the power to stop what you do on it or with it, unless you are contaminating water or worse. He would not have shut-off water to California’s Central Valley for the Delta Smelt, although he says the whole water rights issue is “convoluted” and should be a local issue. He opposes the huge swaths of American land owned by the government, thinks some should be returned to the people and the bottom line is, he fully supports free market energy, including all the energy extraction methods that reasonable people (“reasonable” being my word, not his) recognize as safe for our planet.

Dennis ran against Pelosi in 2008. He has supported Ron Paul in the past and Paul has campaigned for and with him, which can be important and a good thing, because…remember which uber-liberal seat he is running for.

John Dennis

I see John Dennis as a serious and thoughtful candidate, with a few views outside the norms for a Republican, but he’s not Richard Lugar or Olympia Snowe. He believes in the US Constitution. He is a businessman. His focus will be on eliminating debt, creating jobs, ending the Federal Reserve and reforming income taxes. Dennis graduated Fordham University with a degree in Business Administration. He is a co-founder of HumanScale, an ergonomic design company, featuring office equipment such as chairs, desks, keyboard platforms, etc. He is the founder of the investment firm, Foundation Real Estate. He is chairman of the California Republican Liberty Caucus and founder of the San Francisco Chapter.

Dennis is married with one child, was born in New Jersey to a longshoreman and a city hall clerk. He is 49 years old.

The second video below is a Dennis 2010 campaign ad: I Hate the TSA. You’ll love it. Zombies first up. Then catch another here from 2010 where Bella-osi is the Wicked Witch of the West. Wicked Witch made a huge splash. At that time, September 2010, the National Debt was $13.5 TRILLION.  As of August 2012, the National Debt was a staggering $16 TRILLION with an average increase of $3.84 BILLION per day.

While taking Pelosi’s seat (The People’s seat) is a long-shot, we have a fiscally conservative man, willing to step up and give it a try. We seldom agree with a candidate on every issue, but can agree that Nancy Pelosi needs to be retired and Dennis has the creds to be among those tackling our debt. Visit John Dennis’ website here. Donate here, if you can.

John Dennis Campaign Ad: The Night of the Living Pelosi by Filmmaker Chris Burgar (video)

John Dennis: I Hate the TSA (video)

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