Remembering September 11, 2001: The Eleventh Remembrance of 9-11-01

Today marks the eleventh year after the attacks of September 11, 2001. US Army Major Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood killer, has still not been designated a terrorist, although he screamed “Allahu Akbar” as he shot down soldiers and civilians, killing 14, on an Army base on U.S. soil. That act of the U.S. Government defies comprehension, but when you look at the following, you comprehend because it is seared into your memory, your imagery and your heart. If you knew someone who died that day, the comprehension is multiplied by the thousands.


The Falling Man

I read the story of The Falling Man again. I’ve read it, read it every year since it was published in 2009. It is believed some 200 people jumped from the World Trade Towers rather than die in the furnace inside.

The photograph now known as The Falling Man was taken by world-renowned photographer, Richard Drew. The quest to identify him went around the world. Some feel they have done so. The family of the man identified has split. The wife and daughters say the man is not their husband and father, but two other family members say it is. The startling thing is, this Hispanic family believes their husband and father would never jump to his death because it would be an act of suicide. The story is long and disturbing. You can read it here.

Twin Tower Movie Montage:

Twin Tower Movie Montage (video)

Only Time by Enya – Video/Audio Montage of 9/11/01

Project 2996 is an attempt to honor every victim lost on 9-11-01. There are still thousands who have not been memorialized through Project 2996 online. We don’t have to wait until 9/11/01 to post on those remaining names. I commit to not waiting another year.

Project 2996: David E. Retik – American Airlines Flight 11

Project 2996: Robin Kaplan Remembrance – American Airlines Flight 11

Project 2996: Laurie Ann Neira Remembrance – American Airlines Flight 11

Father Mychal Judge Remembered

A Canadian Speaking Up for America

Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Sings God Bless America

Remembering and Understanding by El Marco – see incredible photography and remembrances. H/T to The Lonely Conservative

Herman Cain, God Bless America (video)

Remembering the Beirut Lebanon Marine Barracks 1983

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  • kathleen

    God bless them all, watched “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” last night…

    Believing that his father left him a message before dying in the September 11 attacks, young Oskar Schell embarks on an emotional odyssey through New York City to find the lock that matches a key he found among his father’s belongings.

  • As for me, I remember September the 11th for the Attack on my Country, for the Attack on my City and for the Attack on my fellow Americans. NOT for it being a “National Day of Service”. As Barack Obama has asked, because he doesn’t want to “offend” anybody!. In my opinion this day is NOT a day to go to my local Soup Kitchen and volunteer to serve the Homeless. This is not what September the 11th means to me.
    Let’s be honest: When we talk about “the meaning of 9/11, we are referring to the Savages that murdered 3,000 innocent people. If I wanted to serve the Homeless which I don’t, there are 364 other days in the year to do that.

    • Debonair Dude, did you see the ceremony at the Pentagon today, calling attention to the flag at half-mast for “Patriot’s Day.” I agree with everyword you’ve said and I hope a new administration will take September 11th back to the acknowledgement of terrorism on our own soil and those who died because of it.

  • Lots of stories. Some of the best documentaries of that day are the indy ones.

    • Silverfiddle – I need to look for those.

  • I remember that morning in this short video of a memorial that was dedicated just a couple of months before 9 11. I remember driving up the street of Ennis Montana that day and seeing the flag at half staff at the head of Main Street.. and Tears filled my eyes that morining. I’ve never been the same since that day. It’s not a Day of Service as the Democrats want us to remember, It was the Day so many died at the hands fo an enemy on our own shores.

    • David Lemon, I had 3 contractors in my house that morning. My husband was out of town. They had set-up a work area where I had only a treadmill and tv. I stood on the treadmill and watched it with them. I had tears rolling down my cheeks and so did one of those big burly men. It is not forgettable!

      • I had just got up.. the towers were on fire.. When that first one fell and the reporter said.. there’s another explosion.. I’ll never forget the bone cold feeling I got in my heart.. then the total anger at the slime who did this. Obama and his party may want to change the day to a day of service, I’ll never accept that.. I don’t mind the service but you can’t erase the memory of the events and why we remember on 9 11

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    • WyBlog, unbelievable how Obama has changed EVERYTHING but the hearts of true Americans.

  • Never Forget!
    Never Forgive!

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