On 9/11/12 Arabs Want Frozen Assets – Obama Sends Holder to Assist – Video Greeting to Islamists – American Dies in Libyan Embassy

On the day of September 11, 2012, the 11th annual remembrance of the attacks on U.S. soil killing almost 3,000, Barack Obama used the occasion to address by video the Emir of Qatar at the gathering of the Forum on Asset Recovery, which convenes to bring about new laws to retrieve the treasuries of “fallen Arab” dictators. Egypt, Tunisia and Libya are mentioned specifically.

The video of Obama is taped as we learn that an American in Libyan Embassy is shot dead, as Egyptians stormed the US Embassy in Cairo today, tearing down the America flag and replacing it with some symbol of Islam.

We have September 11th. We have Obama sending greetings to the Emir of Qatar, promising to stand with the Forum to return wealth to terrorists, and we have Obama refusing to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – all in one solemn, very sad day.

On September 3, 2012, we learned that the U.S. is forgiving ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT to aid the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. 

On September 10, 2012, we learned that the U.S. is negotiating another ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN AID to buy German U-boat, a certain threat to Israel and their off-shore energy projects.

Obama’s message, today September 11, 2001, to enemies of freedom – the same old song:

(IIIIIIIIIIIIIII’m sooooooooo in love with you – wink wink)

This money, potentially billions of dollars,

does not belong to those who wielded power,

it belongs to the people.

Now it’s needed to help stabilize economies

and create jobs and growth.

It’s needed to help advance transitions to democracy.

It’s needed to help answer the aspirations

for opportunity and dignity

that are at the root of this Arab Spring. ~ Barack Obama

The Emir’s “public prosecutor” Ali al-Miri refers to the funds as “stolen,” but first characterized them as an international effort to keep money out of the hands of terrorists. Graphic courtesy of World Scene Today.

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