Obama Wins, Filmmaker Nakoula Loses: The Lie Lives While Americans Face Fatwa

Federal Agents have arrested Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, also known as Sam Bacile, the producer of the Innocence of Muslims video.  Obama wins this one. Never mind that the “film” had nothing to do with the assault on the Benghazi compound, they have the man behind bars in California, and the LA Times, today on 9/27, continues the sham of blaming the “film” for the unrest in the Middle East. Considering the restrictions of Nakoula’s parole records, he surely did violate his patrol in a number of ways, but the subject of the video is not one of Nakoula’s violations. The Obama administration continued to blame the video as late as Tuesday at the United Nations (maybe later, I’ve been out of town and am just catching up on news), yet knew within 24 hours that Al-Qaeda was behind the attack. The State Department website saying there was “no credible information” that Al-Qaeda was involved has been scrubbed. Guess what it says today.

Pakistan has put a $97,416.00 bounty on Nakoula. This gives the converted Muslims inside the California jail, or perhaps prison where he ends up, a clear shot unless he’s kept in solitary confinement. An Egyptian Muslim cleric has called on American Muslim youth to kill Nakoula, and everyone involved in the video, including actors, actresses and anyone who has promoted Innocence of Muslims. American lives are threatened and the Obama administration continues blaming the video for the deaths of four Americans, with no regard for those living here and simply trying to make a legal living. If Nakoula violated his parole by using alias’ and using the Internet, so be it, but what about the lives of everyone else who did nothing fatwa worthy (as if anything should every be considered fatwa worthy in the United States)?

But look, this should take care of the White House problem of yet another lie. Jake Tapper reports today:

…Obama administration officials told ABC News they were concerned after the White House began pushing the line that the attack was spontaneous and not the work of terrorists…

White House officials acknowledge that assessments have changed over time as intelligence has been confirmed, but they insist that no information was given in bad faith and there was no attempt to downplay the attack.

But sources told ABC News that intelligence officials on the ground immediately suspected the attack was not tied to the movie at all. The attackers knew Ambassador Stevens had been trying to flee — to a so-called safe house half a mile away. That building was hit with insurgent mortars — suggesting the terrorists knew what they were doing.

The lie lives on, but Osama bin Laden is dead. The Volt is dead. Ambassador Chris Stevens is dead. Sean Smith is dead. Glen Doherty is dead. Tyrone Woods is dead, and the White House knew within 24 hours that the assault was the work of Al-Qaeda – not a video. Then, there’s this: there was no security inside the Benghazi compound, and the security outside the compound was not provided by one of the eight approved providers for American Embassies and Consulates throughout the world.  H/T Arlen Williams at GulagBound – read Before Obama, the Media Told Americans some Truth About Radical Islam


  • And now the story is going around that Nakoula isn’t a Coptic Christian as has been reported but a Muslim radical who made the film to use as a cover for the terroist attack on our embassy. Maybe Obama needs to reconsider his position on water-boardinng and find out what this guy knows.

  • Beverly

    I just sent this to everyone in my address book:

    Having just watched a two-hour (theblazetv.com) documentary called, “The Project,” a chilling expose of the 40-year plan from the Muslim Brotherhood to take over America and annihilate Israel, I am convinced that if we do not awaken as a nation, we are doomed. Our government has been successfully infiltrated, our communities are riddled with an ever increasing number of mosques, which are anything but religious, and as evidenced by Obama’s initial Cairo speech and now most recent UN speech, our foreign policy has been carefully crafted to create the perfect storm. In the context of what I now know, his words are even more chilling. We are ripe for plucking and now I read this our youth are metrosexuals with no chance to win against hardened jihadists.

    Get informed and awaken your neighbors. If you know little or nothing about Islam, read. Educate yourselves, because neither our schools nor our mainstream media are going to do so. They have already been infiltrated and conform to a liberal agenda. Radicals, socialists, Marxists, fringe groups, Islam, Code Pink, Unions and even “occupy wall street” have formed a very dangerous coalition. They are organized and have a game plan which alas for us, has been largely accomplished right before our unseeing eyes. If you don’t know where to start, ask and I will provide a reading list. Unfortunately, their tentacles are planted deeply and a mere change of presidents will change little unless we also change Congress and grow a spine as a people. Unfortunately, anti-capitalists, anti-colonialists and Islam supporters belong to both political parties (something being recognized by the tea-party element). Enemies of capitalism, freedom and the western way of life use our tendency toward “run amok” political correctness and a willingness to attack each other when we hear something harsh, unpleasant or out of mainstream thought. People such as myself are branded as crazies or even worse and our messages and warnings go unheeded. Therefore, don’t take my word about this awful plan for dismantling America from within. Wake up and do some self education, as I have been doing since retirement.

    There is a solution: return to adhering to documents written by the oh so wise founding fathers and ask with an intensity you have never done before for help from divine providence. His words helped form this nation and they can help us once again.


    • Beverly, thank you for sending this out. I really appreciate it. One of the things about conservative bloggers, is that our whole mission is to sound a warning bell about our Founding Documents, and the distance we have allowed to be put between our liberty and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You are doing that perfectly. You should blog:-)

  • I have updated yesterday’s post http://normanhooben.blogspot.com/2012/09/a-case-of-hillary-clinton-cooperating.html
    But more importantly there is another big lie that nobody (‘cept maybe me)has been touting. Obama never got Osama! Two words for ANYBODY that thinks otherwise, “Prove it!” Not even Obama can prove it! He intentionally destroyed ALL the evidence. The stooge that was used for an Osama look-a-like was purposely disposed of to avoid any chance of proper identification. Benazir Bhutto, an honest woman, identified Osama bin Laden’s murderer long before Obama made claim to the real story…of course Benazir was conveniently assassinated shortly thereafter. See http://normanhooben.blogspot.com/2011/10/gaddafi-son-dead-as-frozen-fishosama.html and http://normanhooben.blogspot.com/2012/03/breitbart-assassinated-seal-team-six.html
    Before anyone starts claiming that my assertions are in error…again, those famous two words, “Prove it!”

    • The above response was in reference to this: “The lie lives on, but Osama bin Laden is dead.”

  • LCR

    Great post, linked at LCR.

    • LCR, thanks so much and I linked back.

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  • Elizabeth Huddy

    The claim above that Nakoula is a secret muslim is a complete fabrication and a lie,
    because his middle name derives FROM COPTIC (Christian)and in eastern orthodox means “King” which refers to Christ himself.

    Its found commonly on coins from the Byzantine Empire which always bear the image of Christ, it means “King”, and is usually repeated twice on Byzantine Christian coinage meaning “king of kings”, beneath “IC” and “XC”, which means IhSUS XRISTUS bASILEU bASILE (Jesus Christ, King of Kings).

    Anyone asserting that he is/was ‘Muslim’ with a coptic/eastern orthodox given name from birth clearly has zero knowledge whatsoever, and no idea at all of what they are talking about- in any way shape or form.

    The actual question that should be asked here is why was a foreign alien allowed to come to america, steal nearly ONE MILLION dollars from banks writing bad checks on accounts he set up,
    and then given PROBATION and NOT DEPORTED BACK TO HIS HOMELAND after getting caught and prosecuted for stealing nearly ONE MILLION dollars..

    Its a lie to say he is not a coptic christian if he was born with the name he has, but it clear that our problem is a IMMIGRATION problem that cant be solved by wars or invading Israels new worst enemies.. it can only be solved by a lot of deportations of foreigners who should not be here, and making it really hard for people to come here.