Obama Senior Aide Valerie Jarrett’s Million Dollar Security Detail – Slumlord Protected by Taxpayers

Valerie Jarrett, long known in some circles as the “other half of Barack’s brain,” and in other circles as a Chicago slumlord, has her own security detail. Jarrett’s official title is “Senior Advisor to the President.” Here’s the point:

Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett

The idea that someone such as Jarrett–who officially plays no role in national security or counter-terrorism–would receive USSS protection would be laughable if it weren’t, in fact, real. It’s like a tale out of the Versailles Court of the Sun King–the sort of anecdote that provokes the peasants, eventually, to revolution. But in the meantime, before the deluge, Jarrett plans to live it up; surrounded by agents with guns, she is queen of her own court. In other words, for pure conspicuous consumption, Jarrett puts her fellow Chicagoan, the laughably self-important Desirée Rogers, to shame.

As an aside, on the issue of who merits government security, we might recall the case of Molly Norris. In 2010, the Seattle-based cartoonist took part in the international “Draw Muhammad” campaign and, after she receiving death threats, the FBI told her that she was on her own. That is, the US government could not–more precisely, would not–protect her. Instead, Norris was advised to leave her job, change her name, and go into hiding. And that’s what she did; what choice did she have? Breitbart

What would the FBI under any other President but Barack Obama have done? Maybe the same. It’s obviously impossible to protect everyone receiving high-profile threats but maybe not. After all, this is post-9/11, post Salman Rushdie, post-Geert Wilders, post-Theo Van Gogh. This administration has the greatest disdain for those accusing Islamists of anything, including threats made in defense of the prophet muhammad.

As Obama’s Senior Advisor, she has advised him and the public that the purpose of Government is to give you a job.

As landlord of a slum area in Chicago, she, Barack and Michelle, almost…almost…convinced the Olympics Committee to come to Chicago. Rio won the gig, but Jarrett had a lot riding on it. It wasn’t a happy time for her. The following is from a previous post (I urge you to read the details of Jarrett’s Grove Parc Project here):

 How do you take a housing facility, known as a “preservation for affordable housing,” bearing a $12 million mortgage, designate it for demolition, sell it to the city of Chicago for $1,000.00 and then receive $1 million from a leftist foundation in preparation for the – coming Olympics – which are not coming! Only the “other side of Barack Obama’s brain,” Valerie Jarrett could bring about these miraculous events.

Judicial Watch sued Chicago’s Mayor Daley for withholding information relating to Valerie Jarrett’s “ethics waiver,” which allowed her to abandon White House rules and “spearhead” Chicago’s failed bid for Olympics 2016.

Once Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, got back to Chicago and won the Mayoral race, he got right on the disgraceful plight of Grove Parc where federally-subsidized residents lived with rats running the hallways and sewers backed up in kitchens. A $30.5 Million federal grant was given to the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative, which was awarded specifically because it included “fixing up” Grove Parc.

Do you follow Ulsterman’s White House Insider? I can’t vouch for it, but many people who pay a lot more attention to these reports than I do (lack of time), believes this whistleblower is genuine. Scroll down the page and read about Valerie Jarrett.  Thanks to Backyard Conservative.

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  • michigan

    Wow. I took the time to read Ulsterman’s WHI part 1 and 2. Staggering to say the least even if only half of it is fact. Thank you, Maggie!

  • vikki defilippo

    Disgusting but not surprising. O’s cult followers refuse to believe that he is just as guilty of “taking care of” his cronies as any other politician. We MUST change the way our government does business. We MUST vote every single sitting politician out, vote in new men and women with sound common sense, and a strong sense of country. Then and only then can we get all the BS off the books that these people have legislated for the mostly the benefit of themselves in some form or another.

  • Nolan

    Valerie. Tell us about your family’s Communist newspaper in Chicago with it’s star columnist, Communist Frank Marshall Davis (CPUSA#47544), whom Obama refers to 22 times in his book and calls “Pops.”

    Tell us about your slumlord business in Chicago and your fellow slumlord Tony Rezko, (convicted and currently imprisoned felon), who kicked in $625,000 so Senator Obama could buy his mansion.

    What did Rezko get in return?

    When will Obama pardon Rezko? Blagojevich? Jesse,Jr.?

    • Soon as he is sure they won’t talk about the Obama dirty dealings. Don’t fool yourself, Missy Jarrett, you are NOT indispensable by any stretch. Everyone in the Obama Commie Regime can be thrown under the bus, LOL
      It’s just a matter of time. What a den of iniquity, lie after lie, upon lie, someone is going to squeal, big time.


  • Obama and his Chicago cronies make Capone and his pals look like Sunday school teachers