Obama Refuses UN Meeting With Benjamin Netanyahu – Requests Meeting with Egypt’s Mohammad Morsi: Another Historical First for Obama

If reports are accurate, Obama’s refusal to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the opening of the UN assembly in New York next week, will be the first time in history an American President has not met with an Israeli prime minister when on US soil. Obama rejected Netanyahu’s request for a meeting, but extended an invitation to Egypt’s President and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi – or said another way Obama “requested” to meet with Morsi. We’ll see if Morsi grants the request.

Mohammed Morsi

Hillary Clinton’s schedule is full. She meets with Morsi on Saturday, September 15th, and this source says she will also meet with Netanyahu. Can’t wait to hear the results of that get-together, if it actually happens. On the 9th of September 2012, Hillary’s State Department Deputy Secretary of State, William Burns, said the U.S. “will do all we can to help ensure a successful transition in Egypt…” Ha! More at The Hill.

Short Mohammed Morsi primer:

Mohammed Morsi vowed to be a servant to “all Egyptians,” including Christians and women, then he banned the “hymen repair kit” needed by any poor Egyptian woman who engaged in sex before marriage, or was raped by family, friends or strangers. Allowing a male Muslim to have a true and authentic virgin for a bride is a centuries-long sign of Egyptian/Islamic democracy.

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  • Obama and Berbanke seem to operate in the same way. If something doesn’t work, keep doing it over and over again.

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  • Obama won’t meet with the Jew but he will kiss the ass of the Muslim. Jewish voters have gotten the message very loudly.

  • Mason Prescott

    This is terrifying that the President hates Israel and he refused to meet with the PM of Israel, Netanyahu at a time when Iran wants to throw an Atom bomb on Israel.