Obama Packed 18,000 Into Area Holding 5,000 – Just Kidding – The Media Lied

Actually, the venue holding only 5,000 was almost full, but stories put out by the Wall Street Journal, Politico and the AP said 13,000 stood outside in a drizzling rain, and they knew it was so because the Obama campaign told them it was so. No one counted. No one took a pic. None of the “media” eyeballed it. No evidence at all.

Here’s a crowd – Romney Ryan 2012 in Ohio – in August 2012 – before anyone was paying attention!

UPDATE: I have been told many, many times that the following photo is of an Obama Rally in 2008. I see it on the Internet identified as both Obama and Romney – but I cannot put the buildings shown (said to be in Oregon) in Ohio, I bow to the fact that I am wrong. The photo is of an Obama rally in 2008.

I cannot change the caption at the top, because I didn’t put it there. The second, third and fourth photos below are of a Romney rally in Powell, Ohio. No one claims that another 13,000 are waiting outside or around a corner at the Romney rally with no evidence other than a report from the Obama campaign, as did the AP, Politico and The Wall Street Journal,

Just to be clear: the first photo below is misidentified as a Romney crowd. It is actually an Obama 2008 crowd.

The following photo is a Romney-Ryan rally in Powell, Ohio August 25, 2012 – courtesy of No Quarter.

The following photo courtesy of JHPolitics

The following photo courtesy of Ironic Surrealism.

Romney-Ryan Rally, Manchester, New Hampshire – August 20, 2012

Don’t believe the media spin of Obama being up by 6, or whatever. Read this story on how polls are structured and which polls you should feel better about, because of how they are structured. Just focus on getting Romney into the Oval Office. Stop by Romney-Ryan headquarters in your city and see if you help DO ANYTHING. If there’s a job, DO IT. My neighborhood doesn’t allow political signs in yards. I will have political signs – by damn! Thanks to my sweet, Southern sis-in-law for this story.  Photo courtesy of America Conservative2Conservative.

Peonies for a true Southern Belle

  • I have to force myself not to believe the poles.. Even on Fox.. I just know in my bones that this country will see a major smack down in November.. To many ignored unemployed people who are very angry. I’ve met them.. People who voted for Obama are now voting for Romney.. and if they aren’t, they’re going to stay home, to angry at Obama, but can’t bring themselves to vote for Mitt.. Maggie’s right. We all, who see that this vote is the most important in our countries history, we need to stand up and take this administration down and not only bring it down, but bury it in our votes on the first Tuesday in November.
    I’m now watching on Fox Bill Clinton introducing Mitt Romney at the Clinton Global Initiative. Good luck everyone..

    • David, wish I had see the Clinton/Romney thing. All the Bushes and Bill was enough for me.

      I feel it too. I believe we Romney will win big, and the Fox (oops) poles make me madder than other. Rassmussen is the only one I try to believe in. The link in the article going to my friend Reaganite Republican has a full look at how you and I should look at poles.

      Update: okay, okay, it’s right in the post.

      • Mark

        Polls, Maggie. Polls.

        But I agree with one thing… the gang at FoxNews are a bunch of poles!

    • If you don’t believe the Poles, you should probably not trust the Fact-Czechs, either.

      • Church of Realism

        Look, the good Dr. is here to fix what ails you. However, I believe these people have a terminal case of Obamaitis.

    • Ann

      If you ignore the “poles”, you may run smack into them. Better wear a helmet!

    • Cossard

      Good for you! Knowing things in your bones is much better than looking at actual data. It’s more truthy.

  • W.C. Taqiyya

    Yes, the media lied. When did they ever not? Get a grip and pull your face up out of the weeds. Romney is crashing and all you so-called conservative pundits can do is point to the fact that the furniture in the den doesn’t match the paint? Clueless.

    • Oh W.C… My shoulder is to the wheel not in the weeds.. As far as the press, they’re ignoring the massive crowds coming out to see both Mitt and Ryan.. We conservatives can’t let our guard down, and we certainly can’t be discouraged by the skewed polls.. Thanks for the comment.. but head in the weeds.. Not this election. The Libs hope were’re discouraged.. but we ain’t yet give up.
      I’ve also noticed a lot of libs who voted O into office, are very angry at him this time around and they are either staying home on voting day or voting Republicans this time around.

      • W.C. Taqiyya

        Thanks for the shoulder. And your work. Yes – again – the press is the press. I don’t pay that much attention to the press. I have learned how to read between the lines. As did the Soviets…

        • You have that so right. I remember reading some of the things the partisan press wrote about Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln.. This press is nothing compared to those guys.. but they keep up the tradition of blasting the guys who make the best presidents.. That’s the way I look at it..

          • W.C. Taqiyya

            I just turned my volume up. and down.

            • cinesimon

              …and hear what you want to hear…

  • Just praying perfectly for Romney/Ryan and our country, so all things will work together for the good this time. God says his Word will not return void.

    • TJ

      so after romney loses, will that disprove your so-called “god’s” existence?

      • SoGood

        But I thought God was here to justify the unexplainable immoral values we don’t have the courage to defend on their own merits?

        Using faith and God like this (ljcarolyne) in an inglorious manner is blasphemy to its core. But hey— NAH NAH NAH *cotton in the ears*

        • It’s the blasphemous lies, of the Godless Obamanation of Desolation that the One True God will justify. BTW thanks, you just gave him the perfect reason to do so. YEA YEA YEA!

          • cinesimon

            What a surprise: you spit on your own religion.

  • Mike

    Actually that picture is from an Obama campaign rally in 2008. Who’s lying again?


    • Bob

      Wow, what is it with these morals/values type and the blatant lying?

  • Leo

    This image was taken in 2008 at an Obama rally in Portland, Oregon.

    Here’s a link to the image on Getty stock photography


  • Robert
  • Julian Fernandez

    Trying to decide, is using a photo of an Obama rally from ’08 to prove that Mitt’s really, really popular and the media is lying when they say he’s falling in swing state polls more emblematic of the Right’s dishonesty or its ineptitude?

  • Kurt Montandon

    Lies, damned lies, and Romney supporters.

    I mean … seriously, did you not think anyone would notice it was actually Obama in 2008?

    • How funny, deceitful bastard. I’ve noticed Obama looks sheepish when he walks around now, expecting to be glorified, it’s eating him up with envy.
      Obama doesn’t want to give up that power or the money, greed has taken him over, so he is making stupid mistake after mistake. hahahahahaha

      • cinesimon

        You really are that dishonest, aren’t you kiddo?

  • Mark

    So much for not bearing false witness against your neighbor. Seems like Maggie has switched over to a moral code of “say whatever it takes to win”. Nice.

  • Sledge Rockwell

    We’re all just dying to hear your response, Maggie.. Where did you get this picture again?

  • andy

    I’m only commenting to see what’s Maggie’s response is.

    Standing by…..holding breath, etc, etc.

    • Church of Realism

      Surely, she will deliver…

  • Donk

    Nice picture of the Obama rally! Oh wait, did you say that’s a Mitt rally? What’s the point of lying?

  • Jimmy

    You there Maggie? Hello? Testing?

  • SoGood

    BWHAHAHAA! The irony of this being an Obama rally is too awesome. This made my day, especially composed with Maggie’s soapbox lying. So symbolic. And you wonder why no one believes you?

  • copiki

    No response yet? Her head probably exploded like a robot being told a logic paradox from all the cognitive dissonance.

  • Larb Neur

    Yep, this is an OBAMA rally in Oregon from 2008

    MASSIVE fail, Maggie

  • dw

    Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, so gullible – just like the rest of the religious wingnuts.

  • Joy

    Hello, Maggie, are you still there?

  • Sophist

    You know, someone with even a smidgeon of integrity would issue a retraction and apology for this. What are YOU going to do, Maggs?

  • Richard McIntosh

    Testing testing, is thing on? Oregon and Ohio both begin with “O” so you got that part right….

  • Sherry

    Why do the so called “christians” always have to lie?

  • A Real American

    Yeah, this was an Obama rally in Portland, 2008. There were actually 75,000 of us REAL AMERICANS there that day.

    Are conservatives really that gullible?

  • steve

    Maggie, it was a great day in Portland back in ’08. Thanks for reposting the picture. I forgot how much fun it was. It helped rekindle my desire to re-elect President Obama and I just sent in a campaign donation. Thanks again!

  • Greg

    When it’s been pointed out to you (several times) that that photo is actually from a 2008 Obama rally, why wouldn’t you correct your post?

  • For Pete’s Sake, Maggie!You could’ve at least photoshopped Willard into the picture!

  • Gerry

    We’re all waiting for the update and mea culpa Maggie! That’s elitist liberal speak for “sorry for lying”.

  • Okay, here’s the mea culpa – if it is an Obama rally in Portland, rather than a Romney rally in August 2012, then I’m wrong and the photo is misidentified, as was, apparently, the other 13,000 outside Obama’s 5,000 venue. I’ll do some checking and replace the photo is that’s the appropriate thing to do.

    The real story here is the Obama crowd. In the meantime, thanks for the traffic.

    • Church of Realism

      Haha, if.

    • Reflector8

      So your mea culpa is half-hearted (at best) with a boast that it drove traffic to your site? Oh, how the republican party has left me. facepalm.

      • Reflector8, oh no – not half-hearted at all, and if you think I’m the Republican party, you are mistaken.

      • Enjoy the last few minutes on the Hindenburg, troll- your side’s about to enter the political wilderness for a decade or two

        • Greg

          Oh, RR. You must be looking at your “unskewed” poll website. What’s it like in Fantasyland? Ponies and chocolate waterfalls?

    • Ann

      Nice job burying your so-called mea culpa in the comments. No ethics, like most on the right (biggest misnomer there ever was in the political realm).

      • Ann, not burying anything. It’s in the post now, and the error is clearly noted.

        • Mark

          The “error” is noted? Which error is that? The error of posting fake facts? The error of thinking no one would notice or call you on it? The error of thinking that whatever people put on the internet is true or should be taken as true?

          The “error” here, Maggie, isn’t about the picture… it is about you playing fast and loose with the truth. This is about your tactics and willingness to do anything or say anything to win.

          And you don’t seem to have noted ANY of those errors…

  • An_Outhouse

    What do you have against Polish people?

  • Deb

    You are SERIOUSLY saying that’s a Romney/Ryan rally in OHIO? Before anyone was paying attention? (When was that? Seems all eyes turned to the Romney campaign when he named Ryan as his running mate.)

    That’s a photo of a 2008 OBAMA rally in PORTLAND, OR.

    Stop lying.

    I’m sure you’ll censor this comment — clearly truth has no place on your blog.

    • Deb, you are SERIOUSLY demonstrating that you either cannot read or do not read.

  • W.C. Taqiyya

    oh my, Maggie made an honest mistake? So what. I make at least 5 or 6 every day. And I’m perfect. Not to say we should not execute anyone who makes a mistake or who collects welfare, but u girls on the left are some vicious bitches. Jeepers, do u mean to say the stinky worthless bums who want everything for free are correct? Not frackin hardly.

  • Manhattan123

    This comment deleted by blog owner.

    • Manhattan 123 – I’m deleting your comment because of the name you called me. If you weren’t so ignorant, you would have read that twice I said I was “wrong.”

  • Manhattan123

    It’s one thing to be wrong, Maggie, everyone’s wrong once in a while, (and it’s good that you admitted you were wrong, many of your ilk never do) but it was the typical right-wing gloating in your post when you thought you had something over Obama. You are part of a sad political movement.