Native Americans Not Sharing Their Nativeness with Muslims: DNC Invites ‘Indigenous’ Muslims to DNC

Have you heard of the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BMIA)(or the Bureau of “Disingenuous Muslim Affairs,”)? It was founded less than a year before the first World Trade Center Attack in 1993 when Muslim terrorists killed 6 and injured more than 1,000 persons. Native Americans in this country are a bit ticked off – enough to vote Republican for the first time in their lives…maybe. How does such a clearly inauthentic organization receive 501(3)(c) status, and remember this goes all the way back to 1992. According to Breitbart, the DNC sanctioned the BIMA event at the Democratic Convention, and according to The Center for Western Journalism, Native Americans are “very angry.”

Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs

 Native Americans are very angry to learn that Muslims in the United States of America are being touted as “indigenous”, a complete falsehood…

Twenty-thousand Islamists and their sympathizers are expected to attend the opening of the Democratic National Convention on August 31 to focus on Islam with Jumah[sic], the Friday prayer, to draw in Muslims to the DNC. The important prayer and two days of events are being coordinated by the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BIMA), a national Muslim non-profit claiming that the event is non-political. Being a part of the actual convention makes it pretty hard to claim that it isn’t a political event. Source: Miki Booth, The Western Center for Journalism

Ms. Booth lives in Oklahoma, as do I, and has connections to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). The BIMA has a mission statement, incomplete as we know, because they we infidels still exist:


It’s the BIMA doing the screaming in all caps, not me (see the homepage here with The Charlotte Observer prominently touted.) The home page url is “,” wisely leaving out any claims of indigenousness.

Ibrahim Jaaber, son of BIMA Executive Director Muhammad Jaaber, told Breitbart News the DNC “reached out” to the Muslim organization and invited it to hold a two-hour prayer service as one of the officially sanctioned pre-convention events beginning Friday, August 31. In addition to the “Jumah” event, BIMA hosted the DNC/Charlotte in 2012 officially sanctioned “Islamic Regal Dinner” later that night. The convention itself kicks off on Monday, September 3. …

Ibrahim Jaaber is a 2007 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he was an All-Ivy League basketball player. He told Breitbart News that his role in his father’s BIMA organization is to provide media management services. Two months ago he purchased the “” domain name, which BIMA uses for its website. Prior to that time, BIMA had no web presence. Source: Read more at Breitbart

Ibrahim Jaabar

The Grande Imam is Siraj Wahhaj who is Jeffrey Kearse, Brooklyn-born and later turned to Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam (NOI) is also an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (yes, shocking that he is still “unindicted” as are members of The Council on American-Islamic Relation (CAIR).

The joke is that a number of leaders of Islamic organizations (all of whom publicly opposed the King hearings on Muslim radicalization) were about to be indicted on terror finance support charges by the U.S. attorney’s office in Dallas, which had been investigating the case for most of the past decade.

But those indictments were scuttled last year at the direction of top-level political appointees within the Department of Justice (DOJ) — and possibly even the White House. Read more at Atlas Shrugs

Sirah Wahhaj (aka Jeffrey Kearse)

More on Siraj Wahhaj:

Wahhaj claims to have completed his training as a cleric at Umm al Qura University in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 1978. But that university was notestablished until 1981. Prior to that time, it was known as The Colleges of Shari’ah and Education and was a branch of the Jeddah-based King Abdul Aziz University, which was renowned as a hub for young radical terrorists. Indeed, Osama bin Laden, Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, and Wael Jalaidan—all co-founders of al Qaeda—were affiliated with King Abdul Aziz University in the 1970s and early ’80s.

In 1981 Wahhaj founded his own mosque, known as Masjid Al-Taqwa, which initially had a membership of fewer than 25 people and was based inside a friend’s Brooklyn apartment. Today, however, Wahhaj’s large Al-Taqwa mosque is recognized by Muslims all around the world…

In a 1992 sermon, Wahhaj emphasized the importance of jihad to his Al-Taqwa mosque congregation: “I will never ever tell people, ‘don’t be violent, that is not the Islamic way.’ The violence has to be selected…. Islam is the only answer because it is only Islam that we do it for Allah…. [We are] commanded to do jihad…. [W]hen Allah commands us to fight we are not stopping, no one will stop us.”

In an autumn 1992 address to an Islamic gathering in New Jersey, Wahhaj expressed his desire to have Muslims seize control of the United States and replace the country’s constitutional government with an Islamic caliphate. “If we were united and strong,” Wahhaj said, “we’d elect our own emir [leader] and give allegiance to him…. [T]ake my word, if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us.” Source: Discover the Networks

The NY Post on Siraj Wahhaj:

Siraj Wahhaj has defended the convicted WTC bomb plotters, called the FBI and CIA the “real terrorists,” and said he hopes all Americans eventually become Muslim.

He was among religious and civic leaders who met with Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to discuss the deadly Fort Hood shooting spree.

Wahhaj was one of 170 people identified in 1995 as unindicted co-conspirators in the attack two years earlier. He has denied any involvement.

The Muslim gathering (jumah) with Siraj Wahhaaj leading prayer was to begin on Friday, August 31st in Charlotte. Atlas Shrugs quotes the Charlotte Observer saying the “gathering” was disappointing as only about 300 of the thousands expected showed up. She links to the Observer page but the link is broken. Find it here. Read more at Front Page Magazine. Thanks to Judy W.


1. originating in and characteristic of aparticular region or country; native (oftenfollowed by to ): the plants indigenous toCanada; the indigenous peoples of southern Africa.

2. innate; inherent; natural

Ironic that Arabs refuse to acknowledge indigeneous Jews in the Holy Land, but have the nerve to claim it for themselves here. Once more with feeling: how does such a clearly inauthentic organization receive 501(3)(c) status?

Photo Credit for Sirah Wahhaj: William Farrington, New York Post

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  • Being a Western Artist… I’ve been steeped in the history of this country, and nowhere have I read that Muslims greeted the pilgrims… Never heard of a wagon train being attacked by Muslims… Never heard of Muslim Reservations..

    • Hey David that is a good one!!!
      I’ve always said we should not have done away with the Indians, Wolves, or Buffalo. What’s a little Buffalo stampede now and then if it gets rid of the Muslims, also scalping those evil jihadist would be the cure. Obama has got his nerve, WTF. It’s pathetic.
      May the rising of the seas swallow the place up with all of them praying bent way over on their prayer mats listening to Obama’s sweetest sound on earth “the Muslim call to prayer at sunset.”

      • Just so you know.. It’s Empty Chair Monday tomorrow.. It’s going viral.. check out the article on Breibart.. I’m setting out an Empty Chair in my front Yard On Monday…. lol

  • After a few decades living in a place Muslims will claim to be the indigenous people of the land and all others are newcomers. This is especially true in Israel, Europe and the United States. So much so that the lie that Muslims were here before the White Man is taught as truth in New York, California, and Oregon in their Public Schools.

  • kathleen

    I’m assuming the Muslim Fun Fest scheduled for Saturday was canceled, haven’t seen anything on it!

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  • Were I a Native American, I’d be royally pissed off at BIMA and the DNC.

    Ironic that Arabs refuse to acknowledge indigeneous Jews in the Holy Land, but have the nerve to claim it for themselves here.

    Yep. But try to get dhimmis to see that. They can’t! **sigh**

  • dikweed al fuqwad

    Muslim mumbojumbo will go over in Charlotte like a turd in the regimental punch bowl…

    • Obama gets a FU%^%$ pass on anything and every thing he does, even if he cut some one’s head off himself. So we will see just what happens with the Allah devil group in Charlotte, nothing would surprise me. BTW I despise that smiling ‘thing’ on here with his white cap on, pure D Blasphemous.

  • “I will never ever tell people, ‘don’t be violent, that is not the Islamic way.’ The violence has to be selected…. Islam is the only answer because it is only Islam that we do it for Allah… ~ Sirah Wahhaj…Friend of Obama…a vote for Obama is a vote for violence. Wake up America, Jihad is coming your way!

    Also…remember this about Islam’s selected violence. There are worst selections than beheadings…they indulge in torture…the more torturous the better…and they’ll scream “Alah akbar!” while they laugh at your misery.

    • You told it like it really is and going to be if Obama is elected. America will become an Islamic America. HOW SHAMEFUL!!!
      We’ll be putting the EMPTY CHAIR IN OUR FRONT YARD TOMORROW.

      • I’m putting a chair in front of my house to.. with this sign on it..
        “We own this country . . . Politicians are employees of ours . . . And when somebody does not do the job, we’ve got to let them go.” –Clint Eastwood
        Going to take a picture of it