Muslims Have Killed 6 of 8 US Ambassadors

Eight US Ambassadors have been killed in office. Only two of the eight did not have ties to Islamic terrorism. J. Christopher Stevens is the first American Ambassador to be murdered since 1979, when Jimmy Carter’s Ambassador to Afghanistan, Aldoph Dubs, was kidnapped and died in an exchange of gunfire between Afghan security forces and Russians. US Ambassador to Cyprus was killed in 1974 in Nicosia, Cyprus. US Ambassador to Sudan, Cleo A. Noel Jr. was murdered in Saudi Arabia in 1973 by Palestine’s Black September (Munich Olympic Murderers). Ambassador to Lebanon Francis Meloy, Jr. was murdered by Palestinians in Beirut. Ambassador to Pakistan Arnold Lewis Raphel died in a mysterious plan crash along with the Pakistani President.

This list focusing on terrorist attacks on US soil starts with a 1972 murder in New York City. It’s a long list. This list begins with the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, but we know Ambassador Noel died in 1973.

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Muslims Have Killed 6 of 8 US Ambassadors

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