Krauthammer: 6 Times in 20 Years We Have Gone to War on Behalf of Oppressed Muslims

This weekend, the news is full of Obama’s Cairo speech three years ago when he gave Muslims the idea that he was the savior of the Muslim people, and would change American Government, thus The People would submit and respect Muslims, come hell or high water. From my perspective, the new President of the United States effectively said  ‘I understand why you hate us, your hostility is my country’s fault, and I will change that reality by the sheer force of my magnetism and power of office.’ To Obama, Islamic jihad was nothing more than a gnat on a camel, nothing more than what we deserved. In the video below, Krauthammer details how Americans have gone to war 6 times over the last 20 years in defense of oppressed Muslims. He mentioned 5 countries, which include Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps the one he didn’t mention was Somalia where we have attempted to bring peace and safety for the people who are at the mercy of Islamic warlords. The Battle of Mogadishu bears the history of our Black Hawk Down. And what about the billions in aid to Sudan – that violent place that is home to Darfur where Muslim warlords have savaged women, girls and boys in the most unspeakable ways and terrorized every non-Arab for years? We gave aid to Sudan, against U.S. laws forbidding aid to a terrorist host country – because the people were desperate. My money and yours has gone to all of these countries who we hear repeatedly hate us because we have invaded their lands. Ask the Iraqi mothers who were joyous that their daughters could go to school without being summoned to Saddam’s palace and the bedrooms of Saddam’s sons. The problem is not our aggression against Islam. The problem is Islam and the Koran. Here’s the video

Charles Krauthammer

The entire video is worth watching with discussion about Hillary Clinton. Krauthammer particularly mentions “the worse line” from Clinton: There are different views around the world about the outer limits of Free Speech. That’s our Secretary of State. Terrifying.

The following is a snippet of transcription beginning at about 2:15 mins-in:

The irony is that it began in Cairo, in the same place of the speech he made at the beginning of his presidency when he said he wanted to a new beginning with “mutual respect,” implying that under other Presidents, particularly Bush, there was a lack of mutual respect, which was an insult to the United States which had gone to war 6 times in the last 20 years on behalf of oppressed Muslims: Kuwait, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, so to imply that we had somehow mistreated Muslims, which was the premise of his speech and how the Iraq War had inflamed the world against us, well, there was no storming of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo in those days. What we are seeing now is al-Qaedistan developing in Libya, a meltdown of our relationship with Egypt. We’ve got riots in Yemen, attacks on our Embassy in Tunisia. This entire premise that we want to be loved and respected, then apologized, and has now yielded these results are the fruits of apology and retreat and a lack of confidence in our own principles.

Remember that Muslims claim the World Trade Center bombings were due to our actions against Iraq. Is that when we helped the Kuwaiti people fight off the Iraqi invader, Saddam Hussein – long before the “Iraq War?”

If the video disappears or does not play, view it here.

Charles Krauthammer – Americans Have Gone to War on Behalf of Oppressed Muslims (video)

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