Jobless Labor Day – National Empty Chair Day – Here’s Mine – Linkfest

If you have a picture of your sad acknowledgement of National Empty Chair Day on Jobless Labor Day let me know and I’ll link your blog below. If you are blogging this event, but do not have a pic of an empty chair, let me know and I’ll link. If you do not blog but are participating, first get your photo on Legal Insurrection, and if you want to send it to me, I’ll also post it. I wish I had one of those hanger-type thingeys to put up an empty suit. If you haven’t a clue about Empty Chair Day, watch the video below for a full explanation.

More details here.

My chair is on my porch. People drive around and pick up things in the yard, thinking it’s a giveaway, so this is the best I can do.

Others displaying their own Empty Chairs:
Protein Wisdom
Cripes Suzette
The Conservative Lady

A special nod to David Lemon, Master of Bronze, who doesn’t mix politics with his art (and you can understand why). He took a giant leap today, and posted his own chair. I’ll hope you visit it and look around his utterly fascinating blog, which he updates everyday.

Others blogging the reality of the Empty Chair:
Pirate’s Cove
Always on Watch
Shaw’s Blog
Evil Blogging Lady
Tammy Bruce
Blog de King Shamus
The Right Scoop
Primordial Slack
Fausta’s Blog
Canada Free Press
Conservative Commune
American Power Blog
The Other McCain
Political Clown Parade


Graphic Credit A.F. Branco

Clint Eastwood and the Empty Chair (video) #Eastwooding #EmptyChairDay


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  • The Conservative Lady
    • Maggie

      Thanks TCL, got you linked. That is a great representation of today’s situation!

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  • David Lemon

    Here’s my entry on my blog.. I don’t like mixing artwork and politics.. but you know.. this election is very important.. I just stepped over the line and decided to make a statement. If things keep going as they are.. I’ll no longer be able to create my artwork. I have enough to get me through till maybe November, but it’s belt tightening and eating a lot of canned chili, and doing with out a lot.. so it’s time for all of us to speak out.