It’s a Test – a Test of ALL Americans Who Vote, Those Who Don’t Bother, and Those Who Think They can Afford to Play 3rd Party Games

The title above is a quote from JB Williams writing at Right Side News, When did Communism become an American Dream? The article is one to try to get your children to read and discuss, to save for your grandchildren if they are not old enough to read it today. How about your neighbor who uses the excuse that he/she hates both parties so won’t go to the polls. Can you share it with her/him? Can you help move a Libertarian to embrace not all they want, but to recognize each election that passes becomes more threatening, so for this time, vote Romney-Ryan and then begin the earnest work of a 3rd party. We are at a place in America when a 3rd party may be the only way to resurrect our country, but a third party in November, or a write-in, will do nothing to cure the debilitating illness spreading rapidly across the land. A vote for Gary Johnson or a write-in for Ron Paul is the American way, but Barack Obama is not the American way. You can argue all you want that Romney doesn’t fill the void of Constitutionalism either, but you cannot reasonably argue that he will be no better than Obama. Please read Williams’ article here.

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