Israeli Fashion

Thanks to Facebook friend, JackWV.

Update from findalis at Monkey in the Middle:

IDF Fashion

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  • Then again Maggie on an Israeli beach you will see this:

    That is one nice gun.

    • Love that findalis!-)

    • I added it to the post and linked to you.

  • COOL! Way to go and if Americans were smart they would all do the same!
    Don’t tell your doctor or health care provider if you own a gun. It is illegal to ask that question, for obvious reasons. If they then ask, do you have thoughts of . . . guess what – they take your gun.!
    Get my drift

  • I give up. Where are the guns?

    8 ]

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  • Nolan

    Ha ha. They look cool. Aren’t they?

  • jewish assault weapons ban

    Wow! america, EVERY GUN BAN AND EVERY GUN GRAB law has been sponsored by=
    Sen. Diane Feinstein,
    Sen. Barbara Boxer,
    Sen. Chuck Shumer,
    Sen. Frank Lautenberg,
    Congressman Emanuel Celler,
    Senator Howard Metzenbaum,
    Senator Herbert Kohl,
    Sen. Arlen Spector,
    Sen. Carl Levin,


    EVERY SINGLE USA ”assault weapons” ban, magazine ban, restriction, anti-gun law, ammo law, have ALL been the work of Jews in the USA congress, who are happy with jews in israel walking around the beach with a FULL AUTO, loaded hi-capacity american-made AR-15,
    But the same jews want it to be illegal for americans to own or possess, let alone carry such a weapon..

    Thanks for pointing out their dual loyalty and attempts to subvert americans gun rights Maggie.. these duplicitous jews!

    • I see the anti-Semites are out in force again. You are a racist and Nazi.