Illegal Alien Benita Veliz Speaks at DNC Convention: What’s Next? An Illegal President?

WOW. Benita Veliz, an illegal alien brought to the U.S. by her illegal alien parents when she was 8 years old spoke at the DNC on Wednesday, September 5th. Ms. Veliz was stopped by police for failing to yield at a stop sign three years ago. She escaped deportation through the mercy of  an administration which has no respect for the Rule of Law. Comparing Ms. Veliz to the most deserving of deportees might put her at the bottom of the list, but she is here illegally. She is not undocumented because she has documentation in American schools, and now in the DNC spotlight. She is an illegal alien. Our laws fail and wane by the minute.

Bentia Veliz, first illegal alien to speak at a presidential nominating convention

Veliz, now 27, came here on a tourist visa which expired after 7 days. She has been here since. Valiz graduated as valedictorian of her class in San Antonio, perhaps leaving a student legally in the U.S. in her dust, maybe even stealing a spot of someone more deserving – because we know, being the absolute best, might need to be redistributed to someone less absolutely best. Isn’t it sickening that we even have to have these speculations? Traditionally, most schools have one Validictorian and I do see that practice is changing in a few places – but probably not 11 years ago.  Whatever. It’s not right.

A Prague, Oklahoma valedictorian has been refused her diploma for using the word “hell” in her speech. I don’t think that language is appropriate, and I make no judgement on the school’s actions, but she earned her diploma as a U.S. citizen and she did it with a 4.0 grade point average.

To quote Doug Ross on this story: “The Democrat Party’s wanton usurpation of the law to pursue its political ends will cease one way or another, either at the ballot box in November or through an inevitable breakdown of the civil society.”

I hope you will visit Doug who offers some piercing thoughts on “law,” among them:

The law has placed the collective force at the disposal of the unscrupulous who wish, without risk, to exploit the person, liberty, and property of others. It has converted plunder into a right, in order to protect plunder. And it has converted lawful defense into a crime, in order to punish lawful defense.

“Illegal,” “unlawful,” “against the law,” “against the Rule of Law,” “criminal,” has no meaning in the country founded on the most civilized and republican principles in the history of the world.

The outcome of November 6th, 2012 will be as important in our Nation’s history as all the wars we have fought, with the exception of the American Revolution. Be appalled if you want. I believe it completely.

Linked at Zilla of the Resistance – who had a party at her place last night. Read about it here – guests got a bit rowdy and the hang-over’s here.

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  • What’s Next? An Illegal President? No … we already have that.

  • We already have an illegal president

    We should invite a few of them to the RNC and have Sheriff Joe waiting backstage with pair of cuffs lol

  • Nolan

    This woman is representative of the anarchy that is becoming synonymous with the communist….er democrat party. With them it is okay to break the rules as long as the sad story is sad enough. I guess I should be able to rob a bank if my sad story of poverty and homelessness is sad enough?

  • I find it interesting how these illegals are now coming out of hiding and in this case, the national spotlight. 23 million American Citizens out of work and we have people in this country illegally taking work that they need. Even GW Bush supported illegals, saying “they’re doing the work Americans won’t do”. Yea, like the high paying jobs at Howard Industries where 800 of them were caught.

  • NMObserver

    By having this illegal alien lawbreaker address their convention, the Democratic Party has clearly drawn the party lines and who they represent. They represent foreign nationals who live in our country in violation of federal immigration laws and their enablers. Essentially they are giving the finger to American citizens. That leaves only the Republican Party to represent us. I guess it’s time for me to change my party affiliation and become a Republican. And that is what every American citizen should do now if you care about preserving the United States as a nation and if you think that American citizenship has any kind of meaning or value.

  • Billsocal

    Why doesn’t this surprise me, Because the Democrats sell out America all the time. She isn’t allowed to vote in election since she is illegal. We have to ask has she actually been voting in our election? Democrats have sold out Christians for Muslims. They will sell out US citizens for illegals. The Democrats are just more open about it now.

  • Bill

    She should have been picked up by ice and escorted to the border, she don’t belong and with the rest of the illegal invaders. Illegal President you say, we have one now .

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  • They don’t like to be called “illegal”, so I call them what they really are: CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS.
    Gotcha linked at my place.

  • Daniel

    To all my fellow Americans and or whose ancestors were also probably illegal aliens… if you were to ask our original inhabitants of the American continent… don’t stoop to race baiting, etc., but just state the facts; we are supposed to be a nation of laws period.

    I agree that the DNC has lost its way for the purpose of gaining political advantage and I might add at the expense of our country. I believe it is time for the silent majority that are of color, etc., to step up to the plate and also stand with the majority that still believe in the American dream in a manner that shows a respect for law and order.

    Having served in the military I had the privilege of serving with a diverse group of folks not necessarily all that I agreed with but at least I knew we had each others back when the chips were down.

    We need to have that same type of attitude in civilian life… that is we should not apologize for being Americans and enforcing our laws but neither should we stoop to making broad remarks about someones background.

    After all I am a third generation American of Mexican/Indian descent but am also proud American first and foremost. White liberal America wake up before it is too late …. there are those who would take away our way of life and replace it with a European/socialist type way of life.

    Bottom line – Enforce the immigration laws on the books; train the enforcers to be fair and stop all this nonsense about offending the Mexicans, etc. Believe me there is more unequal opportunity in Mexico than there ever was in our country.

    Daniel Lee de la Fuente