If Obama Was King, Chris Matthews Might Be Right: Romney Arrogant Disdainful to Hope for Presidency

Without a formidible Army or an inside coup, Kings face no opposition, but in the U.S. our Constitution calls for an election every 4 years for President. Are we not to oppose a sitting president, from either party until a full 8 years are up? Chris Matthews has no tingle up the leg for anyone hoping to be president. Such hope is arrogant and disdainful of his main tingle, Barack Obama.  This is the best you get from MSNBC. Matthews is arrogant and disdainful of Americans to think having a spot on prime time on MSNBC really means anything other than you suck at what you do. See the video below.

Matthews is incredulous that Romney thinks he can beat Obama. The Black man on the panel laughs at the idea that anyone might successfully mess with Barack Obama’s head and says Republicans have “lulled” and “convinced” ourselves that we can win. I.Can’t.Wait.For.November.6.th.


Chris Matthews: Romney Arrogant and Disdainful for Deciding to Run for President (video)

  • Nolan

    Obama as king! Is it a nightmare?

  • MSNBC . . . is the Main Stream Nazi Bastard Crime headquarters for BHO.
    The Word is OUT, Obummer will NEVER BE K I N G ‘O’ – OF ANYTHING – he is a Usurper D I N G O demoRAT-fink from Kenya, a half breed that in turn makes Obama dangerous to ALL the world. ‘Nightmare’ is right, America’s WORST!