Howard Stern Finds Obama Voters Liking Obama’s Choice of Black Man Paul Ryan for VP: By The Way – Osama is Still Alive

In these interviews, about 10 of them according to Howard Stern, not a single one of them (all professed Barack Obama voters), knew that Osama bin Laden is dead. Some really like Obama’s choice of another Black man to run as his Vice President. That Black man would be Paul Ryan. A few especially appreciate the fact that Barack Obama is “pro-life.”

Howard Stern

Some think John McCain is running and will get 20-40% of the vote. With Sarah Palin as his running mate, one man will vote for McCain but not Palin.

One man thinks Obama’s running mate, Paul Ryan, is an honest guy. I think there’s only one woman in this video. Listen to her. Unbelievable! On election day, there won’t be an empty bus anywhere, including on the streets of major cities. If you choose the bus as your transportation, be warned, the Democrats will have hi-jaked every single one of them, to bus these idiots to the polls.

This fits perfectly with those undecideds.

Howard Stern: Man on the Street Interviews with Barack Obama Voters (video)

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  • And they complain when asked for a photo ID to vote. Maybe they should be giving IQ tests before allowing people into the voting booth. Very disturbing.

    • Sue Heck

      So So Right!!! but you know the liberals, they want anyone to vote so as to re-elect a man intent on distroying this country!! so many people that are uninformed disgusting!!!

  • It scares me that people that stupid are allowed to vote.

  • Denver

    This lady and gentlemen is Obama’s America….

    • Charles

      No…this is just America…republicans and democrats alike. People are dumb as shiz.