Hasselbeck “Wholeheartedly Really” Likes Obama (The Views “Eye Candy”) Who Voted 3X for Infanticide and Allows Your 15-Year-Old To Be Sterilized

Can’t make this stuff up. Obama sat in the middle of the harpies on the The View, with Michelle Obama sitting next to him, and said he was there to be “eye candy” for the ladies. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, ginning up the courage to ask him an extremely tough question about failing the middle class, made it clear that she “wholeheartedly really likes” (“honestly”) both Barack and Michelle.

“I told folks I’m just supposed to be eye candy here for you guys,” he told the gals. [Implied: everyone else here is just chopped ham liver]

There sat Michelle, all dolled up in green – low cut green, cleavage fairly prominent for a Tuesday morning. These two are just too cute. Hasselbeck too.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

How does a conservative “wholeheartedly like” a man who voted for infanticide three times, has made it possible for your 15-year-old boy or girl to be sterilized without your permission, receive condoms, birth control and the morning after pill free and without your permission, and a First Lady who had never been proud of her Country until her husband was on the road to gaining control. What’s so likeable about that?

Sad news: The Obama’s anniversary is the same night as Obama’s first debate with Mitt Romney. Barbara was obviously distressed that her president must spend his anniversary night fending off that awful Mormon guy. Here’s to a memorable and humiliating anniversary evening for the Two First Ladies of the United States.

Are Malia and Sasha allowed on FaceBook? What are their guilty Pop-Culture pleasures? Inquiring minds want to know. Did you know taxpayers bought a birthday gift for Ms. Walters?  See whole segment here. Read more here. Nice Deb has some commentary on Liberal women and eye candy.

Linked at Grumpy Opinions who has a question for President Obama: Just When Were America’s Better Days?

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  • Let the election day reach so that we can get this thing over with. I am all for Obama.

    • Jermaine, I agree, let’s get it over with.

  • W.C. Taqiyya

    Well Maggie, they just don’t make conservatives like they used to. Today’s conservatives are just big government enthusiasts with a slightly different agenda. There isn’t much difference between morons who prefer to go bankrupt buying extra aircraft carriers and hundreds of 300 million dollar jet fighters and the morons who want to go bankrupt giving the needy everything they want for ‘free’. Broke is broke. The differences today between ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ dummies are revealed in what groups of people they want the huge government to help or hinder. Or at least the groups they pretend to want to help. Neither group lies effectively about which group they hate, the rich or the poor. But, huge government is essential for both. Still proud to pay income taxes, dummies?

    • W.C. Taqiyya, as Clint Eastwood said (paraphrasing) I’m a Libertarian now, because Republicans are what Democrats used to be.

  • Everybody knows that the Congress needs to act. Unfortunately one party [Republicans] early on announced their legislative strategy priorty was to keep Obama to one term. They unfortunately have adhered religiously to this strategy by obstructing and obsfucating virtually anything that Obama indicated he wanted even if it was something they had supported strongy or were co-sponsers of in the past.. Because they have been more loyal to outside interests[Norquist , tea party, et.al.] than to the American People nothing much has got done. As much as I don’t like the cuts mandated by the impasse Coingress brought this on all by themsselves and I hope that Obama will not cave in to their last minute fears if they cannot resolve this situation they, and especially the Republicans. created by deciding to compromise and finding an equitable solution then the cuts painful as they are should be made and Congress should be held responcible fofr them

    • W.C. Taqiyya

      Ashley, the ‘cuts’ you refer to are a political trick. They are simply a way to make sure Americans like you and Maggie keep voting for more government funding. And it will work. All Americans love big government. Be they aircraft carriers or food stamps, regulations governing the length of your neighbor’s lawn or drug laws, imprisonment for debt or shelters for the victims of circumstances. Americans love when the government is there to tell someone else what to do or not do. Some, like the pretend conservatives on this site, just don’t like to admit it. Yes dear, Congress will act, or they won’t. Either way, please rest assured, the government is working hard to make you so happy, you will weep. And don’t worry about stuff getting done, it’s getting done as we speak.

      • W.C. Taquiyya, please stop speaking for me. Speak for yourself, but not for me, unless you are quoting me.

        • W.C. Taqiyya

          Not speaking for you Mags. Your name is merely a rhetorical device. I’m speaking for all Americans. And for myself. look around. Big gov. is there because we (all) didn’t remember to mind our own business.

          • I’ve said a million times (slight exaggeration) on this blog that we allowed it to happen. That we didn’t pay attention. That we didn’t know the Constitution. I accept the blame and many others do as well. Now the job is to get Romney in the White House, a strong enough Republican majority in the Senate and start holding feet to the fire. We have no other choice. We do it or we die as a Republic.

    • Ashley, can you give me an example of legislation that Republicans voted down solely for political appeasement?

  • If those two aren’t a sickening ugly looking pair, fake as fake can be. Their anniversary don’t mean squat because Obama is queer. God only knows what MO is? Hassel’back’ is two faced, of which she would have to be to stay on that vicious show. I’ve been knowing that, never look at that insane nasty garbage. Shew!!!! ALL those silly women, are knife back stabbing witches.
    Obummer fits right in and his lying spendaholic wife.

  • He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas…Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richards Almanac

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  • She’s a token conservative. She’s more of a RINO than a conservative. She is for gay “marriage”.

    • Teresa, she is a RINO and notice I no longer see her on some of the Fox shows she used to appear on.