Gone to Texas

I will be in the Austin area of Texas for about a week, visiting with my best friend from high school. I’ve tried to get hubby to blog for me for the next week, because he has plenty to say, but he wants no part of being online (and then there’s the ‘typing’ thing), so…I’ll have some time to post, but probably not too much, as we girls have big plans.

I’m sick of hearing about Romney’s 47% “gaffe” and the zero probability of peace between Palestine and Israel. It’s not a gaffe when you tell the truth and intend to tell the truth, as Romney was doing. He was spot-on, completely and totally right about both. A pox on those in powerful Conservative positions who are insisting that both statements were/are “devastating.”

I’m off to the Hill Country for some great German brats and kraut with TexMex on the side, and upscale outlet malls (with a Chicos and Talbots).

Linked by Grumpy Opinions – read the coverup surrounding the murdered Americans in Libya

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  • missnomer

    Hope you’re organizing a new sovereignty in your spare time. We may need it. Texas sounds good!

  • I’m taking the next two weeks off myself.. Your vacation sounds so much more fun… lol You have fun Maggie. You deserve the time off.

  • While in Austin…
    Say hello to my daughter…wish I could give you her number.

    By the way…
    My daughter is in the process of building a website about places to go while in Austin:

    Beyond 6th Street!
    things to do in austin, austin city guide, food, music, best bars in austin, new year’s eve austin, best of austin, off the beaten path austin, Austin

    Here’s the work-in-progress: http://www.unsixthaustin.com/#/

  • W.C. Taqiyya

    I can share a secret with you Maggie. If you promise not to tell anyone else. Men are lazy and stupid and they can’t type. If you want to know what men are really like, just watch the TV show, two and a half men. That show reveals all you will ever need to know about the true nature of all men. But, please keep it between us because otherwise men might get the crazy idea that society pisses on them.

  • Jeep

    Welcome to Texas! You are more Texan that you think! Have a wonderful vacation and watch out for those crazy Austin libs! Be sure to visit the musical side of the city!

  • Have a fun and safe trip.

  • Have fun

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  • Enjoy every damn minute Maggie, and stay safe.

  • Hey Maggie! send me an email if you get close to Ft. Worth.

  • W.C. Taqiyya

    I take Texas personal. i know and love Texas folk. I was actually stung on the lip by a Texas bee once upon a time.