Gen Dempsey Phones Pastor Terry Jones: Back Off On Islamists – Since When Do Mil Officials Call American Private Citizens?

I saw an intriguing blog post title at BadBlue this morning (you know BadBlue – where you find the baddest news on the planet – right?): If Michelle Malkin Gave Obama One Of Her Balls, They’d Both Have Two. Then I saw yet another disturbing article about Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who picked up the phone and called a U.S. private citizen, wonky and elderly Florida pastor Terry Jones – he-of-threatening-to-burn-the-Koran fame a couple of years ago. Dempsey’s message: “Back off on Islamists.” Everything happening today is about Christianity. Don’t doubt me folks.

Terry Jones

Dempsey desperately needs at least one more ‘ball,’ and to receive one of the exceptional quality that Malkin utilizes daily, would result in a huge burst of courage for the United States. But no, Dempsey, Obama and Hillary blame Jones for the murders of our Libyan Embassy and Consulate officials, including two former U.S. Navy Seals. Nasty Christianity at work is the bottom-line Government official.

William Bigelow at Breitbart thinks Free Speech might be a foreign concept to Dempsey. We have seen multiple incidents among Military brass to lead to that conclusion. It’s scary folks. If you don’t feel it in the pit of your stomach, I pity you. I’m fighting for my future. You are submitting to yours.

General Martin Dempsey

Understand that a US Military official actually made a phone call to a private US citizen with an order to shut-up.  “Private” isn’t really the operative word, I guess. What is Military doing making an official call to any US citizen not a member of the US Military, about anything?

Terry Jones promised nothing and there is nothing Dempsey can do about it, unless…

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