Gallup Whistleblower Michael Lindley a Former Obama Field Organizer and ‘Devout Marxist’

Our sue-happy lawless Department of Justice joined a lawsuit filed by a former Gallup Polling employee, Michael Lindley, whose co-workers said claimed to be a “devout Marxist.” Lindley was a “field organizer” for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. There’s a huge problem here separate from Lindley, as Gallup also “consults” for the Obama administration, and you and I pay the bill. Is it possible the administration didn’t like a particular Gallup poll result? Why yes, it is possible.

Here’s a snippet of how Lindley perceived himself as an employee and how Gallup viewed his work:

A senior Gallup official told TheDC that Lindley’s claim of being a stellar employee couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Co-workers stopped talking to him because they feared he was recording their conversations,” the official added.

At one point, the Gallup official said, Lindley “made a two million dollar calculation error on a costing spreadsheet.” Lindley also wanted to “work remotely from Brazil” but was “told no.”

He became angry about this,” the official added.

The same official told TheDC that Lindley “became sullen and angry” when Gallup refused his request to be “paid the same as the managing partner of the Government Division” — a “raise of several hundred thousand dollars.”

Though it’s not in his legal complaint, Lindley has also said he was named Gallup’s “Rookie of the Year.” Lindley’s lawyers have touted that “Rookie of the Year” statement in press releases. Associated Press reporter Pete Yost and the Washington Post’s Lisa Rein, among others, printed it unchallenged.

But no such award exists at The Gallup Organization.

But look how the Rookie of the Year claim is trotting around the blogosphere.

A fired Gallup employee who became a whistle-blower, Michael Lindley, alleges in the lawsuit that he discovered shortly after going to work for the polling company that it had engaged in widespread fraud against the government.

Honored as a “Rookie of the Year” at Gallup in 2009, Lindley says he was fired six months later when he told colleagues that if the company didn’t report overbilling practices to the government, Lindley would do so himself.

His lawsuit, filed nearly three years ago and unsealed Wednesday in federal court, says Gallup routinely submitted inflated cost estimates which enabled the company to reap huge profits from its Government business.

Why would Gallup, a polling organization, bill the Government for anything?

In addition to its polling work, Gallup provides consulting services to government, corporate and other clients around the world.

This administration (or any other) doesn’t object to being overbilled, but they might object, and did, to damaging polling results. Gallup was called to the White House to explain their “methodology.” Read the direct quotes at Moonbattery.

Why would a polling company hire a former presidential campaign worker from either party, and why would we have any confidence in Gallup or any pollster being compensated by the Government and paid with taxpayer funds?  Read the story at Daily Caller. Graphic Credit: Moonbattery

  • GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! sounds very dishonest among other things, but the truth is
    ALL of the Obamanation is corrupt, so why expect anything else!
    This is serious stuff to NO END!

    • ljcarolyne, sure is serious stuff, but then I wrote off Gallup polling in 2008.

      • Me too, God will have to intervene so just believing for that, so no fraud can work this time like it did in 2008. I think God is keeping things a secret to protect our country from this terrible government, because of the believers that are earnestly praying.