France Swaps Mother Father for “Parents” in Civil Code: Parent No. 1 Parent No. 2 – Who Wants to Be No. 2?

If a proposed law passes in France, a child will no longer have a “mother” or “father,” just a “parent.” That’s all you get. If your official documents say you do not have a mother or father and have only parents, what will media reports report? “Parent No. 1 said their wayward child was the fault of Parent No. 2? Who wants to be Parent No. 2?

Children of Parent No. 1 and Parent No. 2

The draft law states that “marriage is a union of two people, of different or the same gender”.

It says all references to “mothers and fathers” in the civil code – which enshrines French law – will be swapped for simply “parents”.

The law would also give equal adoption rights to homosexual and heterosexual couples.

Justice Minister Christiane Taubira told France’s Catholic newspaper La Croix: “Who is to say that a heterosexual couple will bring a child up better than a homosexual couple, that they will guarantee the best conditions for the child’s development?” Read more here.

  • Wait until poligamy is leagal. Then a child can have parents 1 through 10. What sick world we are living in.

  • Why not? The US State Department has already done that.