France Bans Muslim Protests Against Cartoons

The country that banned the Muslim burqa for women on the streets of their country in an effort to quell terrorista mingling among the people, is banning Muslim street protests over the latest freedom of speech and press, the publishing of cartoons which Islam sees as disrespectful of their prophet Mohammad.

2007 Muslim Riots in France

You’ll remember that Muslims in the country get a mad-on rather easily. In 2005 they set cars and warehouses on fire, doused a woman using crutches with gasoline and set her on fire, and fired bullets into a bus. It went on for days.

Flash forward to 2008: 1300 cars set ablaze by Muslims. 2009, 1400 cars, trucks and buses burning, and New Year’s Eve 2011 vehicles ablaze in Lille.

Peaceful protests are something the Muslim world, including those who have lived in the West for their entire lives, has no respect for, so I applaud the French for saying their ban will be strictly adhered to.  The photo above comes from Hyscience along with a comprehensive article on Paris riots.

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  • A.Men

    Romney/Ryan 2012.

  • Hollande (sauce) courted the Muslim vote to gain his majority. (And return France to Socialism.) The Muslims thought that they had a President who will let them run ragged through out the country.

    Now they have understood that they have no special rapport with Hollande, in fact he is turning on them.

    Hollande has more balls than Obama it seems.

    • finalis, it’s very strange isn’t it, but they have learned the hard way several times. It may be nothing more than that.

  • Catherine McKenna

    Who knew the French have more testosterone than Obama, the whole Washington press corp, and Mitt Romney?

    • Catherine McKenna, I always thought it was the French with the yellow surrender flag, but things have changed.

  • Hollande is a community organizer; that is to say, his one and only goal is power concentrated in his hands and those of his circle of loyalists. Sure, he courted the Moslem vote to win, but that never implied a special relationship of any kind. Now his focus is on holding on to power, and if the desires of “la rue musulmane” run counter to that goal, it will be dealt with harshly.

    • Michael J Kubat, If he’s like Obama, people of any persuasion mean nothing unless they can provide something useful and valued. Obama has tossed people under the bus over and over since, at the least, arriving in Chicago.

  • The French have learned their lessons the hard way. I guess Obama wants America to learn the hard way too.

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  • Call me crazy but I have no problem with Muslims protesting what they don’t like. I DO have problems with Muslims, or anyone else, promoting terrorism. If you want to express your objection to something, fine, just don’t kill anyone over it. Muslims have an abyssmal record on such things. And yes, others have done so as well.

    Point being, what the world needs is an acceptable practice for voicing concerns. None such practice currently exists. Let us all stop for a moment and imagine how much good we could do if only we would engage in discussions that address problems with viable solutions to solve problems.

    But of course, that kind of thinking stands in stark contrast to those who believe worldwide violence will obtain their objectives. This would explain why I personally believe an extremely strong national defense policy supports such advances in human interaction. If we allow the ‘terrorism’ to continue no progress in this regard will in fact occur.

    I know it is a simple and often rejected philosophy but it IS worthwhile. Crush the terrorists and allow reasonable people to move our world forward. Do you get it?

    • Xavier

      There’s a difference between protest and rioting. There’s no reason for any group to be denied peaceful assembly, but groups like Islamic mobs and the Occupy movement have pushed the definition of peaceful to be anything short of murder. The free world needs to remind citizens that there are limits on what’s considered legally acceptable group behavior.

      For those who disagree about giving group X the right to protest peacefully: doing so is actually takes one of their strongest weapons, violent mob action, away and forces them to comply with the law. The best way to strengthen a subversive group is to deny their rights and treat them differently than the rest of the population – so that’s what we need to avoid at all costs.

      Don’t misunderstand me. Terrorists and their supporters need to die. Islam needs to be stopped and either corrected or crushed. But we need to pay attention to the lessons of history and political ideology and make sure we’re not inadvertently assisting the evil with an instinctive, but incorrect, reaction.

      • Xavier, I don’t see it as evil to use the knowledge of the past 7 years. The damage was enormous. While cars burned in the streets homes were in jeopardy. Children stayed home from school. I bet we don’t know the half of it.

        If the city can work with them for a daytime peaceful protest, give them a certain space, and be gone at a certain time, okay. Any angry Muslim that steps on the street outside the boundries, pays the price. People should not have to put up with this dangerous nonsense – in my opinion:-)

    • Hi Stanford, my friend – that’s why I put the info about the past car burnings. It was really more than just cars and police were hurt. I don’t know if anyone died, but the point is, these people are savages and have no interest in peaceful protest.

      When they protested returning soldier in London, they spit at them.

      They’ve put themselves in this place where the police must keep them off the streets. They do terrorize.

    • What flavor Kool-Aid have you been drinking? There is a big difference between protesting and rioting. Muslims are rioting. Demanding the world do things their way. Acting like spoiled 5 year-olds.

      And like spoiled 5 year-olds they should be spanked and sent to bed without dinner.

  • EBL

    I understand why given: I ♥ Mohammed Day!

    It is still a mistake. Give French Muslims a chance to protest peacefully. Free speech is free speech. They have a right to it too (provided it is not violent).

    • EBL, I don’t think it’s ever been peaceful in France. The history since 2005 negates their privilege as citizens for another change, in my opinion. Who paid for the millions of dollars of damage? Not the rioters. They are a dangerous species. I’ll check out your link.

  • At least the French Left knows there’s no snuggling up to these people

  • KWWilly

    Sounds an awful lot like what happens in Oakland when the Raiders win or lose a championship game of any kind