Embassies Under-Funded While Billions Go to Green Projects: State Depart Sent Tens of Billions Abroad for Climate Change

Finally, Washington has “sharp” concern about the lack of funding at our Embassies after the death of US Ambassador to Libya, and long after billions have been squandered on Obama’s green agenda. I could mention the soaring cost of food stamps, Michelle’s wardrobe and the Obama family luxury travel, but I won’t. I will mention that under Hillary Clinton’s reign at State, the Department has allowed tens of millions of unaccounted-for taxpayer monies to flow to foreign countries to support Climate Change.

The way U.S. embassies and consulates protect their staffs in volatile locations has raised several red flags in Congress, among watchdogs and even an outside commission in recent years.

While the State Department has responded to some of the criticisms leveled by congressional oversight bodies and its own internal watchdog, its Diplomatic Security (DS) office recently acknowledged it lacked the funding for some recommended improvements, such as security training, and was instead looking for workarounds.

“We cannot sufficiently meet the additional training recommendations outlined in the Secretary’s QDDR (quadrennial review). Therefore, DS is aggressively pursuing on-line alternatives, e.g., distance learning of FACT lessons minus the hard skills (i.e., weapons familiarization and driver’s training) to increase training capabilities,” the department candidly acknowledged in a February performance evaluation report…

One of the biggest concerns raised in recent years has been the quality and capabilities of private security contractors hired to protect embassy staffs.

The congressionally chartered Commission on Wartime Contracting issued a strong warning in 2009, saying the State Department’s reliance on lowest-priced contractors was jeopardizing security.

“Lowest-priced security not good enough for war-zone embassies,” the commission wrote in a stinging report that urged other factors such as capability be considered in awarding security contracts. Source: Washington Guardian – read about the security report on Baghdad

What we have is a failure to communicate profound failure of America’s foreign policy. Read the reason for a possible cover-up of the circumstances of the Libyan Embassy/Consulate.

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  • kathleen

    With increased reporting on their knowledge these attacks were coming, they still did nothing. That she didn’t anticipate even the remote possibility of the murder of our ambassador to Libya by her erstwhile friends led to his death. The Secretary of State is responsible for ensuring the security of our embassies and consulates and staff, as the State Department website plainly acknowledges:
    The Secretary of State, and by extension, the Chief of Mission (COM), are responsible for developing and implementing security policies and programs that provide for the protection of all U.S. Government personnel (including accompanying dependents) on official duty abroad. This mission is executed through the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS). Personal and facility protection are the most critical elements of the DS mission abroad as they directly impact upon the Department’s ability to carry out its foreign policy. With terrorist organizations and coalitions operating across international borders, the threat of terrorism against U.S. interests remains great. Therefore, any U.S. mission overseas can be a target even if identified as being in a low-threat environment.
    Even the State Department website acknowledges that the threat in places like Libya and Egypt “remains great,” even if targets are in a “low-threat environment,” which Benghazi and Cairo are certainly not.

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  • copper

    Send them the TSA and Federal Protective Service that way both agencies could learn what and who the terrorists truly are. Instead of groping 6 year old kids and waving sticks over drinks they could see that there are people of Islam who flat out want to kill us. Instead of walking around Federal buildings dressed out in full military regalia, send the FPS over to reinforce the Marines and hey, let’s go ahead and give them some of those millions of rounds of ammunition DHS has been buying.
    While we’re at it, let’s send Napolitano over to run the show. Maybe then she would see that terrorists aren’t the veteran’s here at home or the patriots who fly the flags. She could use some first hand experience.
    Let’s go ahead and send Valerie Jarrett over so she can take her Secret Service detail along and perhaps they can protect some Americans there that really need, and deserve, protection. Her and Napolitano might get along quite well.