Egyptian Piece of Filth Issues Fatwa to Young American Muslims: Kill Everyone Involved in Anti-Islam Film – A President With a Spine Would Issue a Deadly Promise and Keep It

Yesterday I saw two women interviewed who were in the anti-Islam movie that ‘shall not be named here, for now.’ The older of the two is clearly terrified. She is suing the filmmaker and her story is that she has the script and can prove that she had no way to know that the film was promoting an anti-Islamic agenda. I believe she thinks her voice was replaced in places, many scenes did not involve her, and she didn’t know the actual plot of the story. Whatever. Now comes a piece of filth from Egypt who has called on all Muslim American youth to kill everyone involved in the film: directors, producers, actors and anyone who promoted it. If we had a President, a State Department and a Department of Defense worth a fig, they would have a deadly statement on television and everywhere in print and online: “touch the hair of one of those you are threatening and we will blow away any village you have ever set foot in. We will kill everyone connected to you, and then we’ll find you buried in your spider hole, haul you out, show you to the world before and after you die.

A better way is to do away with a couple of those villages, and then issue the official statement. The time has come for Muslims to take down their ungodly, hate-mongering, cowardly leaders. Only the people can do it. Maybe that’s the next step – the family is gone and all their neighbors, plus two more nearby villages, and then maybe neighboring towns will hunt down these men who believe they are all-powerful, and slit them from end to end for bringing such misery on them for their entire lives.

However many die in those villages, millions and millions more will live a more peaceful life after the continuing wrath of Americans protecting Free Speech, for all Americans. The world has to do something about these people. We don’t have time to wait for Obama to exit. We don’t have a Secretary of State who believes our First Amendment is the best way. She believes there is merit in the views of other’s advocating for limits on Free Speech. She is the US Secretary of State. To utter such words is loathsome. We have Military brass sworn to protect the Constitution who have defected from that oath. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called the filmmaker, personally. Can you imagine! This Iman needs to be dead tonight.

You can argue about the morality of wiping out entire sections of those wanting to control the world, but you cannot reasonably argue that doing so, as often as necessary, will mean many fewer Americans dead and maimed. Graphic courtesy of D. Kennedy

Just breaking: suicide bombing of a bus near Kabul, Afghanistan. No word if Americans are among the 9 dead.

UPDATE: Watch the trailer for the disputed anti-Islam film here and know that whatever you see, everyone involved in it has the right to produce it, direct it, fund it and act in it. A pox on those who are offended that Muslims are offended.

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