Doherty Woods, Slain Former SEALs Not at Libyan Consulate to Provide Security

With no further explanation, NBC is saying that “multiple US officials and other sources” say former SEALS, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were not at the Consulate to provide security for Ambassador Christopher Stevens or Consulate personnel. In the video you will hear that security was “woefully low – no security whatsoever,” and that it’s not much better at the Tripoli Embassy – “shocking and irresponsible.” The narrator says the security was provided by a “US Regional Security Officer” and the Libyan February 17 Brigades. What the heck is a “US Regional Security Officer?” Is he among the dead or wounded? See the ABC report below with more detail, including that Woods and Doherty died in a firefight a couple of hours after the Consulate attack, which I presume means defending the safe house.

Glen Doherty – Tyrone Woods

ABC is reporting that both Doherty and Woods lived in San Diego. Doherty was a Security and Intelligence Specialist. In this video, ABC says Doherty told them “last month,” he was in the area to hunt down and destroy “dangerous weapons” in the area.

NBC News Reports Former SEALs Dougherty and Woods Not in Libya to Protect Stevens or Consulate (video)

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  • montanaconserv

    hmm.. was the Ambassador the target or the ex-SEALs? Really doesn’t matter, the key take away from this is that someone gave up the ‘safe house’ location…

    • montanaconserv, it could have been all of them but yesterday Catherine Herridge on Megyn Kelley someone quoted someone saying “we got him” meaning the Ambassador. I haven’t been able to find that in print or on video, but I heard her say it. Definitely someone gave up the safe house.

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    The real story here – no one is asking or talking about..

    Stevens was a ‘ambassador’ to libya in name only.. he had spent the previous months in Germany, Sweden, and other countries in EUROPE… He was not even on the same CONTINENT that Libya is in for the vast majority of his time.

    Stevens and two SEALs went to Benghazi, a city which was the home base of the anti-quadaffi rebellion on a trip that no one has a real explanation for, nor is anyone even asking about..

    He was not there as a ambassdor staffing a embassy.. he never did that. He was acting in some other capacity and purpose, that no one wants to mention, and he stayed in comfortable places in europe, not in Libya or in a embassy.

    Stevens claimed reason for getting appointed was that he is Arabic fluent, but in the video he made to the Libyans, he ONLY speaks English over Arab subtitles and seems to be unable to communicate in Arabic, needing subtitles added so that the Libyans could at least READ what he was saying..

    Something else is going on here, in most likely this is part of the think-tanks and foundations (jew run in all cases) that attempted to manipulate or control the future govts of Libya/Egypt and find useful idiots locally they could use to do this..

    Ambassadors sent to say.. japan, dont spend months hanging out at fancy hotels in Berlin, and then fly to Japan in the middle of the night to meet in a Yakuza stronghold in a shady area 2,000 miles from the USA embassy with a couple SEALs hired by intel agencies

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