DNC Reinstates Jerusalem and God Language: Carping on a Trifle

NBC is reporting the DNC will reinstate the language they removed this week, which recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and dropped ‘God” as well. According to the report, it will happen “from the floor today.” More than a little embarrassing, and more than a little telling. Yes, Republicans put the pressure on, but I bet State Party heads heard from true Democrats across the country, those Democrats who will vote for Romney-Ryan this time. As Michelle Obama said last night, once her husband got in the spotlight as President, it revealed who he is. That’s what happened with the current leadership in the Democratic Party. We see who they are and it isn’t pretty.

The Umbrella Threat

Does this immature bunch of groupies deserve another 4 years? They couldn’t even anticipate the “umbrella threat” when they set up an outside stadium venue for Obama’s nomination acceptance speech. Hilarious – they can’t fill 70,000 seats so they claim a 40% possibility of inclement weather, AND the threat of all those umbrellas inside the stadium. This why we have Janet Napolitano running Homeland Security.

I applaud the many, many Democrats I believe were behind shaming these schmucks into adding ‘God’ back into their platform with full support for Israel. I also applaud Brett Baier for putting Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) on the hot seat to try to explain the debacle of dumping ‘God,’ which Durbin did explain by accusing Baier of “Carping on a trifle.”

Dick Durbin and Bret Baier

Bret: God was taken out of the platform, why do that?

Durbin: Well, I can just basically tell you if the narrative that is being presented on your station, and through your channel and your network is the Democrats are godless people, they ought to know better. God is not a franchise of the Republican party… (Bret: no, no, but) Those of us who believe in God and those of us who have dedicated our lives to helping others in the name of God, don’t want to take a second seat to anyone who is suggesting that one word out of the platform means the Democrats across America are godless, come on Bret.

Bret: No, no, no – I don’t think that’s what’s being said; we’re reporting what’s in the platform – in 2008, God was mentioned once; in 2004, it was mentioned seven times; in 2000 it was mentioned four times, so it’s just a question… (Durbin: what’s the question) So the question is, why take it out this time?

Durbin: What I’m basically saying to you is if you’re trying to draw some conclusion (Bret: I’m not trying to draw…) that the Democrats are godless, present your evidence, present your evidence.

Bret: I’m just asking the question: why was the word taken out?

Durbin: I’m just telling you, you are carping on a trifle. We know that both parties are are devoted to this country, both parties are God-fearing parties, let’s get on with the agenda about creating jobs in America about justice in this country.

Bret: And we’re going to talk about that in a second, we are talking about the platform here and there are two changes that we just noted, one is that God was taken out from 2008 to 2012 and two, that Jerusalem was not mentioned; I’m not drawing conclusions, I’m just asking why these changes were made.

Durbin: Bret, let me just say, I chaired the platform committee for two Democratic conventions. We produced the most unread document in the history of American politics, to suggest that this document and the insertion of two words here and one word there, now defines politics in America suggests to me that you’re not focusing on the real issues that American care about. (Bret: But senator, you know…) We want the American people to get back to work (Bret: I understand that…) We want to continue to create jobs.

Bret: And let’s talk about that in one second, but you know that Democrats in Tampa talked about the Republican platform and what was and what is not in there, so when I’m asking you about these two changes and two words, I’m just asking why, I’m not drawing conclusions.

Durbin: First, I’m telling you your conclusions are wrong if you’re drawing them, (Bret: I’m not) and secondly, let me tell you the first president to recognize the state of Israel was Harry Truman, a Democrat and every president since, Democrat and Republican, has stood closely with Israel. I know what’s going on here, (Bret: okay…) It’s an effort to justify Sheldon Adelson and the money he is spending in the name of really standing up for Israel (Bret: Listen), the Democrats and Republicans are committed to Israel’s future and security, and I’m one of them.

Bret: Understand, no Republican took those words out of the Democratic platform, so I’m just making the point.

Durbin: and your taking those two words coming out means our relationships with Israel has changed

Bret: No, I’m just asking the question.

Durbin: Is that fair?

Bret: I’m just asking why it was changed.

Durbin: Is that fair, is that balanced?

Bret: Why was it changed?

Durbin: I wasn’t on the platform committee…

Bret: I’m going to move on.

Durbin: I hope you will.

Dick Durbin and Bret Baier: Carping on a Trifle (video)

Thanks to Fox News Insider and Mediate

  • Durbin is lucky Cuz’n Jethro didn’t come in and slap, give him some Deliverance style justice. It was a straightforward request for an answer and verifies what I have thought about the Dems since Carter kowtowed to the Soviet Union, yeaaars ago.

  • Bernie B.

    “Yes, Republicans put the pressure on, but I bet State Party heads heard from true Democrats across the country, those Democrats who will vote for Romney-Ryan this time.”

    You could not be any more incorrect. “Republicans” did not put any pressure on – AIPAC put the pressure on, because AIPAC funds both our two paid-off political parties to gain control over them, primarily using our own Fed Reserve to print up ‘money’ and then give that money at zero interest to the Kosher Krew to gamble with in speculatory markets.
    The Kosher Krew then uses the interest free cash to generate ‘market-winnings’ without any work or production, and can pass out billions in bribes.

    If the Kosher Krew loses at the gambling markets (greece bond issues, USA ‘debt based securities’) then it passes the losses onto the avg citizens, who are used to re-capitalize the Kosher Krew and allow then to go gamble some more interest-free. Its a great deal for the Kosher Krews central bankers and Hedge Funds, who literally cannot lose, and gain enough cash to literally place complaint and bribed Israel-Firsters in power in both American Political parties, thus giving them virtual complete control over US Policy.

    This is how they on video simply over-ruled the actual delegates and imposed the policy that the Kosher Krew wanted, over the interests of americans who in 95% of cases do not really care what city Israels capitol is in.. The Kosher Krew does care, and is not about the let its pawns ignore their demands.

    The reason that the Jerusalem language got stripped from the Democratic Platform is that most of the Dem Delegates are average working people, not bribed AIPAC-owned politicians who depend on pleasing the foreign Israel Lobby for their jobs and income..
    Like most americans, these delegates dont care what Israel does with its capitol, or feel it should merit inclusion in the core of a American parties platform.
    The paid-off, crooked Israel puppet political class who want money and support from a foreign countries lobby will do whatever those paying them tell them to do, instead of representing the will of their american constituents.

    The Israel-Firsters openly rigged a vote, claiming a false 2/3 majority in support of america dictating Israels capitol as a core party issue, when clearly there was not 2/3 support, nor should there be such support- The AIPAC’ers – who also control bribed Republican leadership pushed the leadership to over-rule american voters to serve israel, while the payed-off republicans cheered the corrupting foreign lobby.

    Its a dark and sickening outcome in every way, for all americans but at least this is now put out in the open and this wont be the end of this. They did not manage to hide the israel-firsters and AIPAC bribers behind closed doors this time, and that is going to cost them in the long run – the rank and file of americans cannot all be paid off and bribed, and AIPAC just angered a lot of them right out in the open..

    • Bernie B., AIPAC isn’t the story here. The story is the dropping of God and no acknowledgement of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. “Israel-Firsters?” How about the fact that those opposing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital do it in support Islamic principals to rid the Middle East of Jews. They hate Jews. It doesn’t matter about the Federal Reserve in this particular situation.

      I agree that the vote was rigged as the Party certainly did not have a 2/3 vote to add the language back, but it really was nothing new except, as I said, to the Democrats who were Democrats back when Democrats were Democrats. They are appalled.

      It obviously is unacceptable to you that anyone thinks Israel is deserving of existence in the land that is theirs legally, or that the only Democracy in the Middle East should be supported.

      The only thing Dark and Sickening is that the Democrat Party is without God and support for Israel, whether it’s in their platform or not.

  • AIPAC101

    Its AIPAC-

    AIPAC – a foreign lobby – literally gets to review what the platform our OUR political parties is, and they literally write the language they want in the platform as concerns Israel.
    This is control, and this is manipulation. In this case, the majority of the actual delegates, like the vast majority of actual americans do not care what israel does or does not do,.. as long as israel does NOT DRAG THE USA into their business..
    The leadership class of the Dems AND Repubs DO care about sucking up to AIPAC, because they are paid shills of AIPAC jewry with only a couple old-timer exceptions.. To even get primary support, any modern Repub or Dem MUST physically go to AIPAC offices and sit down for a interview and PASS the questioning, or they will not get party money, which means in allmost all cases they cannot win.

    If they put their capitol in Jerusalem tomorrow, I am 100% fine with that- My only warning is=
    dont expect american boys to come save you, fight for you, or american taxpayers to fill you bank accounts, provide you with free stuff, or fight your battles.. The reason Israel wants their issues in our two crooked political party platforms is they fully intend to use our sons to die, not their own, and our credit to pay the costs of their battles, not their own money or taxes.
    We subsidize free socialized medical care for every Israeli citizen at USA taxpayer expense.. while we must pay or buy a insurance policy to get out own care at home while paying the costs for the Israelis.

    This is happening because they use financial schemes to gain control of the credit of states through central banking, loan themselves (our) money at near zero interest, and then gamble with it in markets that are largely fixed.

    If Goldman Sachs takes a free tranche of interest free ‘fed’ money and simply buys govt bonds with it at 3% interest, they make billions a quarter with no risk of any sort, and then use that money to pay off the political class in both parties to cater to the demands of Israel.