DNC Delegates Want to Ban Corporate Profits! Peter Shiff Video

I assume these are delegates. They are inside the Democrat convention venue with some wearing badges. Some want to ban corporate profits, one wants to see corporate losses, many want to cap profits. A woman wearing big blue earrings in the shape of the State of Texas says she doesn’t know enough about corporate profits to comment, but will support “anything” her President wants to do.” Anything! Unbelievably stupid. These people know  nothing about what makes the world go round, including who feeds the hungry.

Peter Schiff interviewing woman at DNC

Peter Schiff queries DNC Delegates on Banning Corporate Profits (video)

Photo credit: Peter Schiff on YouTube and Peter Schiff Radio

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  • Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t NO income mean NO income taxes?

    Enlighten me, libs

    • Yep, and if we have no income, any of us… Wait.. that doesn’t make any sense to me.. does it to you? Do these people actually think what they say.. lol

    • RR and Lemon, these people are too stupid to live on America soil. AND, they are delegates. God help us, please.

  • Maggie.. I found this so unbelievable.. just mind numbing..

  • What these useful idiots forget is that profits are returned to the companies to use for R&D, new factories, dividends to stock holders, etc…

    There would be no new inventions, no dividends to stock holders, if these idiots got their way.

    • findalis, you know the leadership knows this, but you can’t keep anyone under your thumb if you acknowledge what profits actually do.

  • montanaconserv

    Face palm… this explains why we are where we are with our debt… we have idiots running our country….

    • Bingo.. Time for someone who’s actually ran a business and a vice President who understands the ins and outs of Government spending as Ryan does.. Time for President Romney and Vice President Ryan to give it a try.. but we also need to give them both houses, with real conservatives to do that.

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