Dennis Michael Lynch: Immigration Documentary Shunned by Hollywood – They Come to America

The first video below is a documentary trailer on Immigration in America.  It is only a little over 2 minutes long, but it looks like quality work – the kind of work that would normally be accepted into film festivals. Talking about our illegal migration problem isn’t okay with Hollywood, so Dennis Michael Lynch is taking his show on the road – planning to show it across 50 states. If you want to be a part of a screening, sign up here. The second video is information on a second Lynch film based on the TEAparty movement. Both are well worth your time to watch.

Dennis Michael Lynch

Dennis Michael Lynch They Come to America (video)

Dennis Michael Lynch – A Second Movie About the TEAParty Movement (video)

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  • Obviously a must see for you and me
    But the main stream media will not see
    …and that’s about it for my poetry!

  • Mason Prescott

    If this movie is not in every theater nationwide it’s a sin.

    • Mason, I don’t think it will be. I received a tweet from someone who has purchased the DVD and said it is really good.

  • Susan

    I salute you for your efforts on conveying the blatant truth that so many of our constituents refuse to see. I am fourth in a five generation military family that proudly served our country. What’s up with the obvious arrogant, disrespectful, weak response of the Obama administration? Yeah, like we will ever put our left hand over our hearts as he desecrates our most sacred American symbol – the American flag. Go back to your two faced, vacuous Muslim, socialistic views and long live the free country we espouse!