Daniel S. Mahru, Rezko Partner, Obama Connection Gets Probation for His Silence?

According to two websites, one citing the Chicago Sun-Times in March 2012, Daniel S. Mahru was involved with Tony Rezko, now serving a 10-1/2 year prison sentence. Mahru is an attorney. He filed bankruptcy, implicating Rezko as a partner with the “business,” together owing $95 Million to creditors. Allegedly documented are the “repeated visits from former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and Obama made to the offices where Rezko and Mahru ran their Rezmar Corp.” There more at rbo2.

Barack Obama

Flash forward to September 20, 2012:

Illinoispaytoplay.com  (IP2P) has learned that Daniel S. Mahru, former business partner of Antoin “Tony” Rezko, made a deal with the Department of Justice (DoJ) for his silence. IP2P is the first to report that on, October 4 2012, Daniel S. Mahru will receive probation at his sentencing hearing.

IP2P has also learned that this is being done to insure Mahru will not speak of crimes, of which he has knowledge, that implicate Barack Obama, Valarie Jarrett, Allison Davis, Tony Rezko and others. (Remember Tony recently saying he committed crimes for which Fitzgerald did not charge him.)

IP2P is also investigating the circumstances surrounding meetings that took place where Daniel T Frawley and Daniel S Mahru (both convicted felons) met with author Jerome Corsi in Chicago to discuss secret meetings between Barack Obama, Nadhmi Auchi, Tony Rezko, (now Governor) Pat Quinn, and others.

Click the link above and read how US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald might be involved with the biggest players in Obama’s Chicago connections.
Dan Mahru was disbarred in January 2012 for “defrauding this mother and the estate set up to provide for her care”, pled guilty and some say he reimbursed the estate…but what is he awaiting sentencing, that will reportedly be parole?

Dan Mahru

On December 7, 2005, the long litany of Dan Mahru’s Criminal Docket began. It continues today. Case #: 1:05-cr-00989-1 currently lists 62 court actions in Mahru’s case, begins with the 2005 complaint signed by Judge Arlander Keys. After pleading guilty on July 7, 2011 of “defrauding his mother and the estate set up to provide for her care,” Mahru was disbarredthis January. He reportedly reimbursed his mother’s estate.

Meanwhile, court records indicate that his sentencing date has been postponed four times since October 21, 2011.  It’s now set for May 25, 2012.

A long time business associate of Rezko, Mahru was not called to testify in Rezko’s trial.  It’s been six years after being charged, and he, too, awaits sentencing. Source: Chicago Daily Observer

Defrauding the estate taking care of your Mother, is small beans for Chicago and the circle he ran in. Is his only charge of fraud or anything else that can put a person through a trail and a sentencing procedure? He’s getting parole for something…something like keeping quiet about Obama and Rezko?

Rezko was a fundraiser for Democrats, and a major supporter of Blagojevitch, and a slumlord. He went to prison for demanding kickbacks from firms trying to do business with the state of Illinois.

Barack Obama and Michelle had Tony Rezko’s assistance in purchasing their 6400 square foot home, which was located across the street from the Rezko’s. The house also had a vacant lot and the sellers wanted to sell both the house and the vacant lot. The Obamas wanted only the house which had a purchase price of $1.95 Million. Rezko’s wife bought the vacant lot at full price, allowing the Obama’s to negotiate a purchased price of $1.65 Million:

Obama’s Chicago Home in Red Square (pun intended)

(No, not a mosque directly across the street from the Obama family home. It’s the KAM Isaiah Israel synogogue. What looks like a minaret is a smokestack. The Kenwood neighborhood, where the Obama’s live is home to the Nation of Islam Mosque, The Elijah Muhammad, the founder of the Nation of Islam and the Masjid Al-Faatir Mosque, the largest in Chicago, founded by Mohammad Ali/Casscius Clay, Jr.)
The house was evidently perfect, a 96-year-old, multi-story, 6,400-square-foot, brick Georgian Revival home with four fireplaces, six bedrooms, six bathrooms, glass-door bookcases fashioned from Honduran mahogany, and a wine cellar large enough to store 1,000 bottles, the Tribune reported. The house was situated on a large double corner lot, with the vacant lot adjoining the home at the street corner. With a foot-tall concrete barrier and a wrought iron fence surrounding the property, there was no access to the vacant lot, except through Obama’s driveway…
Rita Rezko closed on the vacant lot the same day the Obamas closed on the house, paying $625,000 for the vacant lot.

“Both actions would be clear violations of Senate ethics rules baring the granting or asking of favors,” wrote John Fund in the Wall Street JournalSource: WND

Without Rezko’s wife, the Obama’s would not have their classic 6400 square foot home. What is Mrs. Rezko doing with that $625,000 empty lot that is barred to everyone without access to Obama’s driveway, enclosed with a concrete barrier and wrought iron fence? If you have info on Mahru’s charges, other than defrauding his Mother’s estate, let me know. Someone is very interested in silencing him, and if these reports are accurate, it seems that the US Department of Justice.




  • No surprise there- now watch him pardon Rezko next January

  • Dualer

    They are all criminals. The Chicago Mob has invaded the Wite House. Florida Ballot Challenge of Obama eleigibility to be POTUS, and to strike his name from the Florida General election ballot filed yesterday.

    As Fl ss. 102.168(1) (3) (b) shows, Florida electors have the right to challenge the eligibility of “ANY PERSON” whom is “NOMINATED OR ELECTED” to office.

    Even if no primary is held, the unopposed candidate shall be considered “NOMINATED” for the office.

    “101.252 Candidates entitled to have names printed on certain ballots; exception.—(1) Any candidate for nomination who has qualified as prescribed by law is entitled to have his or her name printed on the official primary election ballot. However, when there is only one candidate of any political party qualified for an office, the name of the candidate shall not be printed on the primary election ballot, and such candidate shall be declared nominated for the office.”

    Further, Federal Election statute (11 C.F.R. 100.2(C)(5)) says that the election is “considered to have occurred” if there is an unopposed major party candidate whom shall appear on the general election ballot. So Florida statutes agreee with Federal statutes.

    Therefore by Fl. ss. 102.168(1)(3)(b) I have standing, and the Supreme Court of Fla. has said that “eleigibility is a judicial determination upon any challenge properly made” (Shevin v. Stone(1972))

    My action is properly made as to time, indispensible parties, claimant status, and venue. Therefore this action is properly made, and the court is obliged to make a ruling as to the eligibility of Barack H. Obama

    Appeal Brief filed yesterday.


  • Apparently honor among thieves comes at a price.