Commenting Identity Theft: Beware Your Friend’s Out-of-Character Remarks

It’s not your bank account at risk, but maybe your good reputation as a conservative values commenter around the Internet. This has been going on for awhile all over the InterTubes in various forms, but it started at Maggie’s Notebook in earnest when I wrote about the DNC Vote on the God v Godless Democrat platform.  I received two comments that ranted on NeoCons and Jews (and eventually more), and particularly attacked my friend, fellow blogger, artist, Master of Bronze sculptor and all-round great America patriot, David Lemon. I didn’t delete the comments. I clarified who David is and asked for an apology, which didn’t appear. Then on September 12th, comments about David were posted under the name of another friend and blogger, Jim at Conservatives on Fire – also denigrating David. It showed the correct email address for Jim, but commenters cannot see email addresses at my site, so they had to go to Jim’s and find it on his ‘About’ page. I knew immediately he would never say the things he said. I contacted David Lemon and told him these were bogus comments, and then contacted Jim.


I found the IP addresses of the commenters, whom I call uglies, which were not Jim’s IP, and banned them, finding numerous comments under the same IP but under different names. It wasn’t until they attacked my friends that I took notice.

This could have have caused David Lemon some real grief, but he is so tough (lives in Montana and wears boots and cowboy hat – does that tell you something?) …he laughed at the uglies.

The real problem has been for Jim at Conservatives on Fire. He had to change his password, then had to log back in to all of the WP blogs where he comments. He also has to worry about other comments left around the blogosphere under his name, and who might be too timid or polite to inquire about a statement out-of-character for him, or maybe ban him and be done with it.

Now, problems like this and worse are not new for many of my friends. Various forms of hacking and theft identity are rife. Karen at The Lonely Conservative has had vile comments in her name left all over the Internet. She and her children have been threatened. I can’t begin to tell the story, but I can give you an overview to read here. Trust me, you will be appalled. Here’s a preview:

“Karen began having problems not long after she won the No. 1 spot in the Top 25 Political Moms contest. Don’t you know that ticked-off those Liberal women big-time? Other great conservative bloggers: Stacy McCain, Patrick Frey at Patterico’s Pontifications and Aaron Walker at Allergic to Bull have been beseiged with very serious attacks. So I want to give you a flavor of what’s happening and I’ll begin with Karen, right after the Top 25 Political Moms win:” Read it all here.

In addition to the above about Karen, read more here.

A few months ago, similar comments were left here under another conservative bloggers name, whom I didn’t know well, but knew the remarks were over-the-top. When I went to her site, I could see that the uglies were using her blog name and linking to it, but had set up a fake email address for her.

In all the instances of uglies in my little blogging world, anti-semitism is generally the focus, Jews and conservatives the target, and Muslim interests praised.

There’s no end how far some people are willing to go, so be aware, as Jim said in his post, that when you see something out-of-character, assume that it is, and contact the person. If you have the ability to ban IP addresses, it is your best weapon against uglies. IP providers generally don’t give a fig. We’re on our own out here. And then there’s the time I was hacked by Muslims in Kurdistan…which prompted me to get my own domain. That ended up being a really good thing.

Here’s to good blogging and as hubby just said, really pissing them off big time. We only have 53 days, 1273 hours and counting until November 6.

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  • The dems will stop at nothing to win. We must be vigilant and hearty. I have been trolled on Twitter for so long I hardly bat an eyelash. And I never click on their spurious links.

  • I almost wish they would try this on me. They wouldn’t be happy with the results of that experiment.

    Keep ’em coming, Maggie. Keep ’em coming.

  • What is up with these people?

    You might enjoy a little video I posted a while back:

    • LC, I tried to leave a comment but looks like they’re closed. That was hilarious! I may have to steal that one since it goes back a few months. Equally as entertaining were your comments to those we couldn’t see because you had to block them.

  • Everyone commenting here, run over to The Lonely Conservative and watch the video (Language and cheekiness warning).

  • thatsitivehadenough

    I’ve had several people contact me about messages they received from me that I didn’t send and posts that I didn’t make. Unfortunately, I’ve had a few people un-friend and block me so I can’t ask them why ;-( Thanks for writing this. I’ve shared it with the people who did ask me about those posts, and I’ve shared it on my FB page too.

    • ThatsItI’veHadEnough, thanks for helping to get the word out. I can get very discouraging if people don’t know to handle it.

  • Maggie … You are right about David Lemon. He is all you said about him; a wonderful, kind, giving, talented real American man. I have spent some time with him, and as nice as he is … I don’t think too many people will push him around. You’re right again; he stands up for yours, mine and his rights as Americans.

    It’s just too bad these little piss ants try to cause so much trouble. They need to be stepped on and then scraped off our boots.

    • Carl, we start scraping on November 7th and finish on inauguration day. Actually, it will all start all over again, but in a much better way for us, and for them too, altho they are too ignorant to see it.

  • Xavier

    I don’t know if this applies exactly to the situation Maggie’s describing, but I’ve been impersonated several times on blogs where I’m a frequent commenter. As soon as I got an avatar and was able to point out that the impersonator didn’t have one, the problem ceased. Personally I think avatars are a bit silly but they seem to work well as ‘brand authentication’ for blogs you use regularly and I’m glad to see most of the people who have commented on this post are using avatars. Of course, if someone really wanted to spoof you they could copy your avatar, etc, but that’s a lot of trouble. I liken it to installing quality locks on your doors and windows and forcing thieves to look elsewhere for a victim.

    • Xavier, I agree. Avatars are a good thing and they do take some time to grab. Glad you problem has stopped for now. Good luck as we go forward. We’re all going to need it.