Clint Eastwood Ellen DeGeneres Video: Senile? Not Hardly: Wants His Daughter to Date a Nice Dweeb

In the video below, Clint Eastwood dishes with Ellen DeGeneres. He wishes his daughter, Fransceca would just bring home a “nice dweeb” rather than the “artist” boyfriend, Tyler Shields, who is really a photographer who photographs things and calls it art. He says he is a Libertarian, in that he wants everyone to leave everyone alone, and he says Libertarians today are what Republicans were before they began spending like drunken sailors – no disrespect to sailors. Clint Eastwood is definitely not senile.

Clint and Dina Eastwood

His wife, Dina, and two daughters have their own reality show (sigh). Having Clint Eastwood as a husband and father isn’t enough. Like maybe just find a job that’s a passion, as he did. But no, Mrs. Eastwood & Company portrays the “surprisingly normal life” behind the iconic family. Two daughters Francesca and Morgan join Mom. Francesca is Clint’s daughter by another mother. Morgan is learning to drive.

By the way, Clint’s hair looks just fine. He should never, never, ever wear a suit on TV – tux, yes. Everyday suit? No. Jeans and a sweatshirt will do just fine, even at the RNC.

Clint Eastwood and Ellen DeGeneres (video)