Clint Eastwood CNN Post-RNC Interview: We Don’t Have to Idolize Politicians

Clint Eastwood gave an interview to CNN and is asked if he regrets his RNC Convention speech. It’s clear he does not. His message at the Convention and his message in this interview is, they work for us. When ‘they’ [politicians] are not doing their job, they must go. It’s pretty simple, that’s why we have elections, but Democrats don’t ‘get it.’ Chris Matthews thinks it’s arrogant and disdainful that Mitt Romney thinks he can win against Obama. What was unsaid was that Obama shouldn’t have to deal with an opponent, because, well…Democrats think that way.

There are few I admire in Hollywood more than Clint Eastwood, and I bet it was the same for many Democrats…until…. The difference between me and ‘them’ is that I felt that way both before and after the RNC. If you are one of the three people in the free world who missed Eastwood’s Convention speech, view it here.

Clint Eastwood Interview With CNN After the RNC (Video)

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  • Boy I’m telling you.. Clint just keeps rising in my eyes. He says so simply what I’m thinking..

  • Mason Prescott

    Eastwood is not going to allow the dictator to make him back down! He is a Patriot…….and NOT a blind sheep following the leader.

  • A.Men

    Agree completely with Clint Eastwood.

    Great actor, director, citizen of the United States of America.

    God Bless Clint. God Bless America.