Charles Krauthammer: American Power Receding: Obama Brought Our Irrelevance

Charles Krauthammer talks with Sean Hannity in this powerful video. Here’s my summary, but it is not a transcript and much is not a direct quote, so watch the video if you have time. With Obama’s Cairo speech, he decided to retreat, to pull back the tide of American power…things don’t happen in a vacuum – Obama doesn’t support the Green Revolution in Iran, shows the Ayatollah tremendous respect – protects them when they are under attack. Obama is nowhere on the Iranian nuclear issue, was uncertain during the Arab Spring. He leads from behind. When you withdraw the power and the influence of the strongest country on earth from a region, the vacuum will be filled. The Salafists, the Islamists understand this is their opening. No one asks what the US thinks about Syria, they are focused on Russian and what Russia thinks and is doing about Syria. The US is irrelevant.

As American Power Blog notes (read it all and see how Iran is calling for a “united front:”

Hey, the Obama administration’s appeasement policies are bearing fruit. Our mortal enemies are rallying the entire Middle East around a solid programmatic agenda: to unite against “Zionism and the U.S. government,”

If the video disappears or does not play, view it here.

Charles Krauthammer and Sean Hannity on the Loss of American Power and Influence (video)

  • Maggie.. the video speed up near 3:15 into the video..

    • I reloaded the video page and it worked fine.. strange..

  • Krauthammer, is as honest a person as I’ve ever seen. Sometimes his opinion doesn’t match mine but then again.. his is from a place of honest review. What liberals just don’t see, is the fact when America is no longer in power or influence.. then other more aggressive nations step into that vacuum.. Not sure we want China or Russia back in the Middle East with a platform of power.

  • Maggie,
    I really do NOT understand Krauthammer’s relevance as a “conservative” or supposed “pundit.” He’s an insider RINO snob who’s philosophy differs little from Karl Rove’s.

    The fool has been utterly dismissive of Sarah Palin and of the entire Tea movement. (I use the word ‘fool’ carefully.) He complains of missed opportunity… Yet where the F! was Krauthammer in 2009 when Santelli called for a revolution?

    So out comes Chuck K. to bash the President over his foreign policy blunders. THAT takes deep insight and subtle intelligence? Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobson has been MILES ahead of Krauthammer on just about everything relevant.

    …and where exactly WAS Charles when Iran’s Greens were begging for our support? Did Krauthammer criticize either Bush or Obama on this failed opportunity?

    I can’t take it!! The snooty little mediocrity poncing himself off. I can not recall once, ever, where Krauthammer was ahead of the curve or stood up boldly for Liberty.

    • I know.. but what he said in this video made sense. I hate him at time and at other times he impresses me.. I wish he’d make up his mind.. I guess I don’t listen to him enough to really have an opinion, like yourself.. I’ll accept your opinion because I know your on the button for everything I’ve ever read on your Notebook..